Anyone of the feminine gender you care about? Are you a woman? Read on……

This is REALLY important if you care about your daughters, wife, girlfriend or simply a friend of the feminine gender. Do not dismiss the power of the media. I had an attempted rape years ago, and I really believe much of what is presented to us is an open invitation to violence against women.

Please take time to watch this short trailer: (I have tried several times to make this a link you just click on, but somehow I can’t seem to do it!) I wish I was more savvy about using this wonderful way to share and learn…..sorry! 🙂

Look at your young daughters and sons and remember you can talk to them all day, but what they really learn from is what they see!
Thank you for taking time to watch the video.

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2 Responses to “Anyone of the feminine gender you care about? Are you a woman? Read on……”

  1. vhhp. Hari Hara Prasad Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    Yes. Misrepresentation is being done heavily. most of the MEN are brought-up by their MOTHERS- to become MEN of this sort- unknowingly – or just not knowing that that kind of brought-up leads to hazardous consequences. Most of the women models are forced to act according to their male directors or just got into the grove to make a financially better living AND most horrifying thing is that, some women are FORCED to act like that. What ever it is, the fact is MISREPRESENTATION. I have seen the Video. You know, the Misrepresenting parts of that video – Even the men acted in it wont like their mothers/ sisters/ wife/s/ or a girl friend of them does like that. But the situation is going on and on. No representation of women on the top to control this. Even as the women population has crossed 50%, still the fear is there in their minds that they are powerless/ or less powered. So, it is the women, who needs to be bold- bold enough like you to question what is going on. I wish misrepresentation stops, at least.

  2. stressmanagement Says:

    Thank you for voicing your thoughts and concerns. I agree that there are women being forced many times because they truly believe they have no choice. They succumb to what they believe is their destiny. Many women in the states have been led, one way or another, into a life of they may hate – but the need for money to survive entices and holds them in bondage.

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