Lee tried emai…

Lee, I tried email and it was returned….

“My mate!  Life is so fast and the highway has led us to a fork….I am in high hopes you are loving your life and enjoying moment by moment.
I hope and pray your children are healing and happy.  I have no idea why our correspondence has dwindled, but I HOPE AND PRAY IT IS BECAUSE

No need for explanation.  I just wanted to let you know, in my Cherokee heart – the heart of a Human Being – I have been praying and sending healing
messages to you.  Messages of hope and regeneration.

I love you Matie.  Hug yourself for me and onward and upward….if you ever venture here (in Calif.) – make it the northern part and I will pick you up like a
feather thats has brushed across my face.  If it is southern, let me know and my clan will be there for you.

Much love and prayers,

One Response to “Lee tried emai…”

  1. danitaogandaga Says:

    Great post!

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