I Saw God

I looked outside the window this morning, cozy in my soft light blanket.  I opened the window and the leaves in the trees glistened while being gently moved by a breeze, I couldn’t see.

I heard the Mockingbird sing the song of ten birds, all in tune, and proudly as if the whole world could see and hear his songs.  I couldn’t see him.

Doves have nested somewhere close by, and throughout the day I may see them, if I look quickly, dart to and fro, and talk to each other with a melodic “coo-coo”.

The shadow of a cat walked on my fence and my dog ran quickly to the edge, fierce and ready to attack.  I doubt that she would know what to do if she caught up with the cat.  She is gentle and a love to everyone.  I would have it no other way.

There is a crisp  about the air, though the heat has already begin to settle in comfortably.

When I sat outside to have my coffee I wondered how many people are not privileged to have such luxuries.  I felt blessed. It matters not how much money I have, nor what the future holds.

This moment is golden and this morning I saw God, once again, in every wonderful touch of nature and it’s creatures; the sights and sounds.

If you haven’t seen God yet today.  Look around.  Look at a child, a puppy, your hands, your eyes, your heart.

I saw God….you will too, if you only look.

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4 Responses to “I Saw God”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Only a tender heart can see GOD. Let the Military rulers and tirants also see GOD in the people they mercelessly mascacre by telling all sorts of lies that those innocent people are going to be threats.
    V. Hari Hara Prasad

  2. T W Tan Anthony Says:

    Indeed, indeed not many people are so fortunate. Do be happy…….and Always……..

    Kindest Regards

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Thank you so much for writing. I know how to be happy “with or without”, but have truly been blessed. I thank God every day. You be happy too…it is a choice, I believe. Blessings. to you.

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