Pain and Power

Pain is not an enemy.  It is a warning system in the fine tapestry of human majesty and beauty.  You know when it is coming on and you can feel it intensify.

Use innate compounds of human anatomy to prepare and strengthen your response.  Use the power from within. You feel it coming. You know you will be struck soon or you will be in this moment. I was.  It can happen and you’d be forewarned to prepare for the ultimate test in Spirit tenacity.

Pain.  Breath.  Pain.  Pray.  Pain. Dissolve that which is past.

Pain.  Open your chest to breathe and your heart to accept what is to come.

Lift your heart, lift your eyes, lift your spirit, and lift your love and compassion.  Stay soft in your deepest  heart.. Work hard not to scatter who you are to lesser expectations.

Be kind.  Be at ease.  If you don’t know further than a moment – you join the ranks of us all.    Do not let a moment pass without thinking or saying something in the spirit of love.  Love is healing.



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2 Responses to “Pain and Power”

  1. vhhp Says:

    yes. The ability of the skin to sense the pressure/ volume/ temperature/ electrical energy makes us get ready to rescue ourselves. Your comments. “BE KIND.. BE AT EASE…. how nice!

  2. stressmanagement Says:

    Thank you so much

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