I never expect another magnificent display of Your love!

The wind preceded any real indication of a storm. It was only when I decided to walk the dog in the late afternoon I saw a it building.  It came upon me quickly and I  reckoned I would put off the walk.


It was well I did The rain pelted down with authority.  I could hear it on the roof and see it in the air dominating a people free environment. .  I just walked outside after this seriously wonderful thunder-boomer.


It was astounding.  The smell hit me first. Cool – clean – unabridged by any presence of human kind. Ah, the fragrance of air invigorated me.


Everything green, everything moist, quiet, the sound of just before we opened the door to humanity.  Poor humanity.


Sunlight peeking from the clouds that are bouncing off one another for no particular reason.


A scallop of clouds, a pinpoint of light, and then light with a halo of gold extending beyond the impact that vision can assimilate.


God oh God.  How can anyone not believe in you?  How can anyone fill the void of the love you planted in us specifically to be directed to you?


It is beyond understanding, the love you give to me.  Your patience is a mountain. Why I am privileged to believe is beyond me.


My life has been a weaving, so tattered and torn from my own immature and over zealous confidence.


I bend humbly before you and applaud you and praise you.

I raise my arms to reach for you, and bend to my knees to thank you.  Another day I receive by your Grace alone.

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2 Responses to “I never expect another magnificent display of Your love!”

  1. vhhp Says:

    how much contented, nature loving you are! I should praise the creator for such a good woman

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I am humbled by you kind comment…smiling too!

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