Thoughts for the Day


We all have the power to transform the natural stress that comes from living into energy capable of improving our physical and spiritual health.


Secret number one is that the essence of life is transformation. These simple words hold the key for changing your life for the better. Join me and see if it is not so.  These are thoughts for the day that can transform your life and the lives of others.


Cherish your pets and the lives of all animals.  They are gifts to us and can be dear friends.


Remember to look for all those blessings we take for granted.  The breeze in the trees, the sound of singing birds, the laughter of a child, these are all blessings we can enjoy!


Look at your surroundings as if you were a visitor.


Love.  Do a kindness for someone.


“Humble beginnings or wealth from the start, what truly matters are things of the heart”.


Take your family for a walk, or just do something spontaneous for fun together.


Don’t keep yourself in a prison.  Take a break from your electronics and refresh the memory of talking to a real human, or sitting in the sunshine!


Take a breath.  Stretch.  Smile.


Make a point of actually playing with your children while they are small. Catch a fish, catch a ball, catch precious moments that are only there for one short period of time.


Watch the sun rise as darkness lifts, watch the sunset.  How many times have you left to see the stars at night or revel in the full moon?  Not enough in a lifetime for me.


If you can’t leave – take a mental vacation.  Even if it’s just for a minute or two, visualize a favorite place.  Listen to the sounds of nature.  Take a breath and use your mind to renew your zest for life.


Cherish the earth.  It is our home.


Cherish your body.  It is the only place your Spirit has to live!


Don’t let the sour expressions or negative attitudes of people affect your day.

It is a choice.  Let your light shine through and be grateful for small miracles.  Start a cycle of sharing smiles and positive thoughts.




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2 Responses to “Thoughts for the Day”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Day by day you are transforming our brains with more and more lively ideas and giving food for our brains to live a comfortable life. You are great, in acoomplishing the task of your idea to make it happen in reality.

    .. some time back, you told, your grand daughter and your son are living apart… you wanted us to vote for a story what he has written.. What happened to them? Hope they had happy re-union and living together now.

    My best wishes to all your family members.

    and…. I have an idea… most of your readers and YOU, are relatively share same brain waves. why can’t we all become members of a small community, know each other and expand our world? of course, the center of meet should be YOU and let us all put together, make this blog- a social blog and a meeting hall.

    All the very best to my co-readers.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      I kept this to respond to you – when I could fully replay. Your comments here are wonderful and so appreciated. Anything I am able to share is strictly gifts God has given me to share. We all are supposed to love one another.

      My son’s children are living now with their mother. My son had them from birth and for the past nine years alone. They are each old enough to choose, and at this time they want to get to know their “drug free” mother. She called my son and told him because he took the children he probably saved her life and inspired her to become a better person.

      He and the children are still in constant communication and the love there will never diminish. He now is simply getting a bit of time to enjoy his four year old -and the children are getting to know their mother. Soon he will move close to where she lives and then everything will be a bit easier to keep them all close. He moved to the mountains for his sons to ski – now they are near the water to surf – and he will join them in surfing and returning to warmer temperatures.

      I think sharing and knowing each other is a wonderful idea and I would certainly be open to sharing writings or thoughts you and your friends would like to send to me for my blog. You are so kind in your words. I am so happy that my writing is adding to the quality of lives – at least the diverse thoughts. 🙂

      Thank you again and have a blessed day. Marsha

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