How to make a fantastic day happen

Unless you are an active participant in standing up for a particular movement (such as occupy wall street), or plan to act in some way to help elect a new president, etc. – you get the idea – STOP LISTENING TO TALK RADIO.  STOP WATCHING THE NEWS.  STOP READING THE NEWS.

Just try it for one week.  If something critical happens, believe me, you will hear about it.  There is always “the voices” filling our heads, no matter what the source. That is why we have been brain-washed into becoming a society that over indulges in everything.  We listen too much to what “they” want to fill up our brains with, to assure we buy and buy and buy.

PLEASE – unless you are an active participant in something you believe in, why waste your heart and emotions on that which you are not a part of the “doing”.  Why?

It will make you negative, resentful, disappointed, horrified, and miserable!  Think about it.  The news is 99% negative crap.

TRY IT THIS WEEKEND, starting NOW!  Why not?  Are you so in the habit you have no control over what you do?  My favorite book says, “…For a man is a slave to whatever controls him.”  2 Peter 2:19

I am no one’s slave except God’s.  Try it – you’ll find yourself more relaxed and enjoying life for a change.  All your worry won’t change anything.  Have a stellar day moment by moment!

4 Responses to “How to make a fantastic day happen”

  1. jmsabbagh Says:

    Well expressed,l liked your post a lot.Thank you for visiting my post..(Obama- Romney).Wishing you happiness.JMS

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    And to you….

  3. otove Says:

    “The news is 99% negative crap.”

    News may indulge popular prejudice, but it also acts as a poultice to draw out toxins, enabling the body/mind to heal.

    I am reminded of Matthew 13:24-30 in it’s esoteric sense.


  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    “Popular prejudice” is a more refined way of expressing my sentence you quoted. I am not sure how it draws out the toxins. I somehow can’t capture that correlation.

    I have read Matthew 13:24 and do grasp the esoteric meaning. May I ask are you of the Islam faith? I assume yes, but only because of the information from the you quote from the Quran.

    Do you mind if I ask your general location? I am living in Northern California, USA.

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