“Hands” Written by my beloved twin brother, Morris Walker



Morris W Walker


“I want to hold your hand, I want to hold your hand,

 I want to hold your hand”

For those of us who, by no choice of our own, were born in a time where we were eventually tagged with the title of “boomers.” We almost all remember the Beatle’s million-seller song; I want to hold your hand.

What a sweet, innocent and powerful sentiment.  Little do we realize in our early years what an incredible blessing the simple act of holding hands becomes throughout our lives. Maybe John, Paul, George and Ringo had

a keen little insight that hit a nerve with people everywhere.

Thousands of photos have been taken of tiny babies hands wrapped around the huge finger of the father or mother.  That’s where it all starts. The magnitude of the effects of the hand connection between humans is beyond comprehension. The comfort and love and security that accompany the simple act of holding hands is no less than monumental in the lives of humans. Hugs are similarly monumental. Holding hands is smaller but no less important. In fact handholding is a mini-hug and but with the simple advantage of being able to last longer.

Last night I lay in bed next to my wife of forty -two years and during the night we lay facing each other, we held hands. When I woke up, we were still holding hands. It was a positively exhilarating feeling.

Just before the twin towers were decimated it in a cataclysmic conflagration, people on the tops of those buildings were seen through binoculars taking each others hands and leaping off into the void together and being engulfed in the tragic inferno. They were not strangers, although they might have been a few minutes before. They were brothers and sisters, clinging to a reality and preparing for eternity in and seizing momentary comfort of another human soul. And probably, that connection was one of an eternal nature. God knows.

Never hesitate to take the hand of anyone who calls out for your touch however loud or soft the call might be. Perhaps it is just a loved one reaching out. Or a child reaching up, or someone offers to shake your hand. The power of touch in hands is an extraordinary experience. Healing hands are those that are proffered by people with healing hearts.

Never miss the chance to hold someone’s hand

Take your mother’s hand if you still can.

You never know it might be the last time.

And to her it will be as big a thrill as the first time.


Soon my bro will be publishing many of his essays and stories on Kindle.  I know they will be awesome.

This is Mo.  Already a very talented author, producer and director, I am awfully proud of my twin!

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