It is a stellar day to be alive!

Of course, any day I wake up and open my eyes, I am so glad for another moment or two…the chance to love, to enjoy the earth, to share a kindness, to cry with someone, and to rejoice.  It means I can be in my “Too much Fun Club” again, and go for the gusto!  I am the only formal member (but we all can be members).  I refuse to let life turn me sour or get me down.  It is a power we have from within to make that choice.  Surely it makes life just so much better.

When we pray it is sacred, and when we open our hearts to pray for others we hold humankind in our hearts.  We are one.  Each person is my brother, sister, a loved one.

Prayers span our earth and they are powerful.  Praying elevates thought, and as we pray, I believe a symphony of prayers reaches our Great Spirit (or however you address the Creator).  If I were God, and since I believe God is solid love, it would thrill me if my creations played this symphony – particularly when it includes prayers of thanks.  I thank God for everything good….

Create your day in the image of this solid love and you will enjoy every choice you make.  I will write more soon; I am off to spend the day prioritizing my efforts.  Of course this one is very important to, because I love my cyberspace friends and family!  Aren’t these clouds unbelievably wonderful?

Almost forgot, my stressmanagementmagic is not “up” as it was, but soon.  Thanks for visiting!

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2 Responses to “It is a stellar day to be alive!”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha, I too have the same feeling when again and again see your mails. Love to see you expressing your affection and happiness to all the family members of this world. I love to see your mails until I breath my last. I wish you the best.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You have taken my breath away! What a lovely thing to say…I got chills (good ones) when I read you comments. I just really believe we should all love one another, and that means world wide! Have a beautiful day, and thank you again for such kind words.

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