Good Morning !

My priorities have to be aligned before I can sit before my computer and tend to what I love to do so much.  I love to write.  When I write I am unrestricted in thoughts and words and can convey what life experiences, joys and sorrows, have been mine – in hopes that a word or action will touch another living soul in a positive way.

We all have mountains and valleys to forge through to keep on the path of the evolving story of our lives.  Just remember that we CREATE our own story by the CHOICES we make, and the way we RESPOND to those unexpected peaks and caverns we must circumvent.

God gives us INGENUITY when we LISTEN to that small voice from within us.  You’ve heard it, I know.  I believe it was implanted within every single one of us before we become living souls.

Sometimes we hear it when we have that “gut level” feeling to say or do something.  We hear it when we feel intuitive about knowing what to do.  We hear it LOUDLY when we are persistent in PRAYER!

So listen to yourself (the REAL you) and do and say what you “feel” is the right thing to do.  We all have the capacity to do and say the right things, but sometimes we deny ourselves the truth.  We “justify” doing or saying something because there is a spark in us that can go either way, if we allow it.  I have been there. I have justified things at times in my life, and I have paid the price.  Don’t be fooled, there is always a price.  I know that is the truth, and I will not mince the truth here.

Shakespeare said it beautifully:  “This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Truth will always come to the forefront.  So don’t lie to yourself particularly – let the authentic YOU be awakened and you will find the path becomes easier….if not in landscape, within YOUR OWN HEART and LIVING SOUL…..which will, in the short / or long-run brighten your path along the way.

You probably read this, but I just love the saying.  “It isn’t the destination – it’s the journey!”

Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY.  Do something kind “just because”.  It will feel so good – and you can keep it a secret between you and your Creator.  Be a light in the darkness.

I CARE!  Now smile and take a deep breath and ENJOY each challenge today.

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2 Responses to “Good Morning !”

  1. V. Hari Hara Prasad Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    It was months back that I saw your mails, and now I am happy to have one from you. Hope everything is ok. and every one comfortable. Do send me a photograph of yours, really I miss you all these days. You have educated many through your writings and I am happy that you are a daring soul. All my family members join me to wish you ALL THE VERY BEST IN YOUR LIFE.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Oh my – once again you have made me smile! It has been months.
    Life is good. No matter what mountains we must climb; no matter what challenges we must face. I think with God on our side, we change the fabric of our lives – and even for those who do not yet believe, I believe when we love one another we reflect the light of God from within us…that light placed before we even were able to walk! I REALLY, from the depth of my heart, appreciate the wishes from you all! There have definitely been challenges these past months…and the months a head will be difficult in some new ways,
    but I took “fear” out of my mind some time ago. We cannot change some things, but we always have the choice of how we react to life.
    I choose happiness and love! Gosh, didn’t mean to go on, but the wishes you sent stirred something in me, obviously! I will try to write each day. I send the best to all your family too, and I will share photos soon, since you asked. THANK you for calling me a “darling soul” – what a lovely, lovely thing to say!

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