Create a beautiful day no matter what!

To find solace in the sorrows of life one must consistently be able to elevate thoughts and hope to a higher level.

Upon reflection of my own life I thought nothing could be worse than my own child suffering a birth defect and surgery as a small infant. Along the path tragedy has increased, side by side, with intensity I never knew I could manage.

Each circumstance laying another brick upon the foundation I perceive as my own. Each injury to my spirit coming with the assured knowledge now, that with wisdom and faith anything can be resolved. I can forge a head as a human soul and survive the dire circumstances.

The truth of it all is grounded in the fact that no matter what happens we have a choice in the final thoughts and position we take.

There are three steps to manage and survive this life. The first is acceptance that circumstances will happen and often times we have absolutely no control over what happens. The second is whether we will elevate or descend in our minds. It is always a choice. The third is to keep hope alive and find the joy that is still all around us.

Don’t let unhappy people steal your joy. Bless them, feel empathy for their pain, help them if possible, or move quickly to another place. Surround yourself with positive and loving people, and like a magnet you will all draw those positive feelings from one to another, and another.

We have only this moment to be joyful. Use it wisely.

I took this photo from my kayak a week or so ago.  My first thought was “I wish we as humans could live side by side and be as peaceful as the squirrel and young deer were that day.”


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4 Responses to “Create a beautiful day no matter what!”

  1. V. Hari Hara Prasad Says:

    I may not fully accept your ideas Marsha! when ever we see people of negative powered, we have to show them the path, if possible, drag them to the positve side of life.I hope it will be selfish if we go away. If all were to go away like that, there will be no people to cure the hurt. Once we reach the fourth quarter of our life, hope, we all would like to face anything.

    With all good wishes


    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      I love exchanges of thoughts. I would not expect everyone to agree with me. I will say, over my lifetime I have tried to help MANY people that were in need – in word and deed.

      When I said, “Bless them, feel empathy for their pain, help them if possible, or move quickly to another place. ” I meant of course, to do whatever you can to help them. However, that being said, I also believe there is evil dwelling in some people on this planetearth.

      Negativity can be damaging to a younger person who has yet to learn some pertinent wisdom in how to safeguard themselves and still deal with it.

      I found my younger self often in positions I shouldn’t have been in, and subjected to difficult circumstances, because I believed I could help everyone. Some people say they want to be helped-but really don’t. Some people can’t be helped.

      Of course, I believe we were put on this planet to praise God and love one another. At this stage of my life, I am better prepared to be helpful when possible.

      Thank you for your thoughts as I always appreciate hearing from you. Blessings to you!

      • vhhp Says:

        Dear Marsha,
        I am sure, the mother in you has come out in dealing the situations. A mother is fully permitted to deal all the situations and even she only can take stern decisions about her “CHILD”, of course, it may also be the subject- whom she is helping. When she is doing this, she will have in her mind that the person is her own child and does it. So, you are fully justified.

        A small doubt dwells in my mind Marsha. First you were writing your name as marsha obrien and now you have added J. what is it to denote? of course, it is just out of curiacity.

        With all good wishes to you and to all your loved ones.


      • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

        Yes you are correct. I have three children and eight grandchildren. The mother always comes out in decisions regarding the children. I would always help and protect any child if I could….any child. Children are such blessings (hard work, but well worth the efforts).

        I simply decided to add a J as I always sign my name like that. The J stands for Joan – my middle name. No reason in particular, just decided to add it. 🙂

        Blessings to you and your loved ones too. Thanks for reading and writing.

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