No Time? Make Time!

There is always a way to steal a bit of time for you.  It matters not how busy you are, nor how many tasks are at hand.  No one can continue at a rapid pace, daily, without time taken to regenerate and connect with your God given power.

Even if you don’t believe in God, as a human being the physiology of the body and mind require regeneration just like any fine machine or engine.

You give your car care regularly, you pet, your home, and so forth.  I took a two minute mini-break before I got into my car, after class yesterday.  I looked up at the sky, took this photo, and thanked God for this live painting.  It couldn’t have been more beautiful.  I actually was happier and felt more relaxed by taking this short moment of time to relax and enjoy.

Looked up to see this beautiful sight

If you do not fulfill this need for regeneration, you and everyone in your circle of life will suffer.

It doesn’t have to be lots of time, but surely there is thirty minutes a day you can dedicate to you.  I know as busy as I am there is time I waste…not much of it, granted, but time.

If you are harried sooner or later you will crash and burn.  It is inevitable.  Sit and do absolutely nothing but enjoy the first snow of winter white, or the sound of rain on the roof.   Take a breath.  Walk outside just to get some vitamin D while you regenerate.

The first time you try enjoy this time (take 10 minutes initially), you may having a racing mind, or a nervous body.  If so, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you think of this time and TAKE IT REGULARLY!  You need to learn to relax and curtail your chances for your body to react to your stress level.  It can lead to a nervous breakdown, and many more ailments if not controlled.

Surely you’ve heard of nervous breakdowns?  People going ballistic for seemingly no reason?  Families breaking up due to the stressor in life?  Someone you never dreamed would murder or beat his or her mate – doing so?  Child abuse?

It happens ALL THE TIME.  Please to rest and regenerate this weekend, and please find the time to be alone.  If you need someone to talk to – talk to God!

YOU will benefit and so will every life you touch, even in the smallest way.  People will feel your relaxed energy, and you will have a better day.  Have fun and God bless you all!

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