Shooting Leaves Twenty Children and Six Adults

I just heard about today’s shooting of so many children and adults.  I can think of nothing more horrific than the killing of innocent children. This will affect the lives of the parents, grandparents, siblings, peers, and a list of other bereaved human beings.  This will change hundreds of lives in that small Connecticut town of only ten-thousand people.

It will affect every parent and grandparent regardless location, around the world.  Needless and life-changing moments for so many.

With all my heart and living soul, over my lifetime, I believe that those sweet and innocent souls are with their makers, and the adults, as well.If you’ve ever been in an accident you will find that the “moment” of the accident is all but erased from your memory.  I pray that for all these souls that moment was the same, and that now they are at rest with no pain and no anguish.

This is NOT a political act.  Please leave the politics of “guns – legal or not” OUT of your conversation for at least a few days.  Your mind should be filled with prayers, and your heart ready to love when you are able.  No one deserved this.  Not one child ever!

I’ve cried and been on my knees praying for their spirits and those who are left to deal with hard days and months, and years, to come.

Please pray and love those near you.  We never expect things like this to happen.  It is one of the saddest days I’ve known.



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One Response to “Shooting Leaves Twenty Children and Six Adults”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hi Marsha, It’s wonderful to be here and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a beautiful Christmas and see you …… Regards !!!.

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