Inaugration , money, poverty and hope

Since the inauguration is today, I thought I would bring up a few controversial things to ponder.  First let me say that I did relax all day and all evening, said prayers, enjoyed the beautiful day, and regenerated as best I can with this compressed fracture in my back.  Here goes:

1.  Many people I know swear they won’t vote next year as the election was decided even before anyone west of the middle of the USA got to have a vote counted…the electoral system.

2.  I don’t know why all the inaugural fuss – obama has never stopped being president!  Why not just donate the (minimum estimate) of thirteen million, six-hundred and seventy-five dollars to the Red Cross.  Why actually we could not send Egypt the billion plus in “aid” and perhaps do some of form of REAL help for the working people, and for people around the globe!

3.  Perhaps a twenty million dollar vacation to Oahu is a bit pricy considering Michelle alone spent ten million on vacations, and the president took forty-seven vacation days last year (those costs not included).

Come on, it really is a travesty when I can drive to town and see people with signs on every corner, and a few days ago, this woman. 


Is this the “new America” – I pray not.  I love my country.

God bless all those in real need in the USA and all around the world.

Now perhaps would be a good time to take a breath, say prayers of gratitude for all the small blessings as well as the large ones, and send a prayer to all those in need.

Now I offer two flowers for you to remember we always have hope and perhaps “the spring” of a new time will come upon us.

God help and bless us all!


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4 Responses to “Inaugration , money, poverty and hope”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Mr.Obama won the political game. so, he thought he should share the happiness with the countrymen who stood by his side for this. So, the big festival and the big spend. As I said, It is a political game, as the world is already been devided into political boundaries and not otherwise! That is why we are calling each of us by the country we live in… So, he (OBAMA) may not be having much intrest on issues of other politically divided countries- what ever the reason is! If this world is united and if only one rule is thee, then that rule will allot amount for EGYPT/ poor people of this world. Let your word come true and let this world become one and united and let there be peace and let us all live happily.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      He did win the political game. I concur. United we stand and divided we fall….is it so difficult to love one another – I think not; yet the almighty dollar always stands boldly in the way of peace. Greed wins – but not forever!!

      • V. Hari Hara Prasad Says:

        I think .. some escapism crept in your words… is it so? Money is not alone the criteria to live happily. may be some of the dead people in the bombing of US too had money, which could not save them from living under bombing and die. …

        If I want to visit a person in my own country, I can do it immediately, but, if I want to come to your place, your and my governments come in our way. is it not? so, just love is not sufficient for people to be happy…. and so on. is it not?

      • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

        Oh my gosh, I have been very poor at times in my life, and I do not believe money is a criteria for happiness at all! My husband says “You have to pay to live” and in some ways I agree. Sometimes it is nice to be able to do things that cost money; but in NO WAY do I think money is the road to happiness. I can be happy in ANY state. I ate rice for six weeks one time and was happy as a bird for the rice. Happiness is a CHOICE. I would love to visit you but without money I cannot. Yet because I cannot afford to visit, I am not unhappy. I am always grateful just to be alive and be loved. Could you kindly explain “escapism” as how you meant it?

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