“Tenacious (t-nshs) adj.”

1. Holding or tending to hold persistently to something, such as a point of view.

2. Holding together firmly; cohesive.

3. Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive

4. Tending to retain; retentive:


I think I am one tenacious little woman.  Could be melded with stubborn too, but there are some things I am simply tenacious about. There is no other way to explain it!


If you don’t know where I stand on some issues, and care not to, NOW is the time to stop reading and continue on to creating a beautiful day.


Here is a partial list of those “things” I am tenacious about:


My faith, without question or doubt.


My view that the Bible was actually the inspired word of God to give us rules and good advice to live by.  Though written by the hand of man, if you read it often enough you will keep getting those “ah-ha moments – I get it!”


My endeavor to keepLiving the best life I can, while following the teachings of Jesus.


I will do whatever it takes to help my husband, children, grandchildren, and family members – no matter what the circumstance.


I will be kind and loving to other persons, even strangers, when I am able.


I will only raise my arms in a warrior sense to protect my family and myself from grave harm.  I believe God has warriors


A media that tells lie will not sway me. Nor will the seductive appearance of material possessions and the drive for money become my gods


I know now that some persons were born with evil dominating them, with no hope of changing through simply counseling and psychological help.


I believe the company we keep affects our lives more than even the environment we happen to live in.

I believe alcohol is the absolute worst drug on the market because it is legal and acceptable.  It turns memory to mush or killed altogether, and it turns nice people into monsters.


  I do not have to agree with someone or accept his or her philosophy to be politically correct.  I can respect individual choices, and I will judge no one – it is not my position; but because I don’t agree don’t move my own life of demarcation it does not mean I am fearful or have distain for choices different than mine.


  No one had the choice of how they looked or what color their skin is, or if they are deformed, retarded, intelligent, rich or poor nor how their internal chemistry is made up.  We have no right to lessen the value of human being, as we are all brothers and sisters.

Our job is to praise God and love one another.


 I believe firmly that our dogs were a gift – to teach us to be loyal, a good friend,


I could go on.  I guess at this point in my life I am tenacious about a whole bunch of things!  I say, good for me for sticking to my personal philosophy!


Please take a moment and share what you are tenacious about – you can write a page or a sentence, but I would be very interested in seeing how my other brothers and sisters feel about things. 


BE WHO YOU ARE!  Be proud of what you believe.  I always have an open mind to listen to others positions, but stand firm on the things you KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT from the heart!  You will gain new respect for yourself and others!


Thank you for reading my blog and putting up with my blunt and often FIRM opinions!  Have a beautiful day!

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3 Responses to ““Tenacious (t-nshs) adj.””

  1. V. Hari Hara Prasad Says:

    When we are expressing something, it is implied that we are making our point, whether tenaciously or simply expressing our view. 🙂 Till now we all loved it and were joining in discussion too, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;——————-.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      I am lost at understanding your response. I love the joining in of views – that is why I have studied so many spiritual paths and visited so many unique gatherings! In my post I was sharing only – not trying to entice anyone to change who they are….please let me know what your comments mean – I do care!

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      No response? I assume you have lived enough life to stand firm
      about some things….I would hope so. 🙂 – and I would be interested in reading your views. What does you comment mean “Till now we all loved it and were joining in discussion too, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc.?? I was expressing my views. I would loose respect for someone who held nothing sacred or firmly in their philosophy or beliefs. Share and respond please. 🙂

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