Go to a post on stressmanagementmagic.com – for an “update” on my back injury.

Just an update on my “back” condition.  I know each of us has his or her own challenges, but I just want to say you can get through whatever it is – and YOU WILL FIND happiness and peace at some point.

Look at your challenge like a “course” on managing life – no matter what happens.  I am upbeat and intend to stay this way!  It’s lots more fun and good for healing!

God bless you and all your family and loved ones.

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2 Responses to “Go to a post on stressmanagementmagic.com – for an “update” on my back injury.”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha, you said it was a phase of challenge acceptance when you were with that pain, but for all of us, it was a time of anxiousness, wishing some good news every second from you and from the people attending on you, about you. All done… and we are all sure, that you are back to normal and so, we are all happy.

    yours affectionate reader— prasad from India.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Your concern and love is well received and with a hearty thank you! I can feel the healing energies and honest caring from you across all the lands and sea. I am renewing physically every day and am very happy. Thank you from my heart. Time is a great healer.
    I am also, with my brace, able to walk a mile or two each day, and I believe this is keep my muscles, ligaments and tendons strong to hold the healing bones.

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