Forty Million Senior Citizens in U.S.A.

We have over 40 million senior citizens OLDER than age sixty-five in the USA.  That is a pretty staggering number of seniors, particularly considering there are baby-boomers turning sixty-five every single day!

Why does this affect everyone?  The reasons are pretty simple.  You either are a senior citizen, or if you are fortunate enough to live long enough, you will become one!  That is the bottom line.  Aging is inevitable.

For those of you who are young and have family and friends, surely you have parents, grandparents, relatives, or perhaps neighbors or peers who are approaching or have reached the special category of senior citizens.

Why is it special you ask?  It is singularly the most difficult time you will ever have in your lifetime.  Life doesn’t get easier; it gets more difficult.

The good news is when you become a senior you will have the patience, wisdom, and strength to never give up, and never give in.  Peace comes easier.

 I don’t mean you won’t have lots of challenges in life, but here are but a few reasons seniors have CHALLENGES of a lifetime, and some you may not have considered.

First of all, the future is predictable.  Old people die.  That means it may be more difficult to keep a positive attitude, and to even have dreams of better times.  But it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

There is a huge prejudice against senior citizens.  It isn’t intentional for most people, but our media (which is extremely powerful whether it be movies, radio, television, or even the internet) portrays senior citizens as clumsy, bordering on mindless, sour faced, and ridiculously not fun to have to endure their company. 

Some of these things are true for individuals, but go deeper in thought.

Here are a few reasons these things could be happening to someone.

1.   As your body ages some people suffer more ailments than a lifetime in a short period of time.  The body wears out and painful things, such as arthritis, begin to manifest.  Some people simply become hardened and sour because of intense pain.  They may never have been taught we can handle whatever is thrown at us – with the right attitude!

2.   As your body ages perhaps you may not be able to be as active because of injury or limitations due to some other ailment.  Your stretch and strength may suffer, and yes, your balance may falter.  You just might be thought of as clumsy instead of dealing with a whole new body scenario.

3.   We kill brain cells throughout our lives.  Yes, we regenerate too, but as we age some of those cells (the ones killed by alcohol, cigarettes, improper diet, or drugs) will be gone forever.  If the mind of an elderly individual isn’t stimulated and challenged, they may wind up less “sharp” than earlier in life.

4.   Some elderly people may not have the ability to handle all that is happening to their bodies and their lives.  They were once the center of the world and now many are discarded, pitied, or just left on their own.  After all, they can’t “do what young people do”, or some might say,  “You have to be careful what you say around old people.”  There is a whole scenario of why old people suck.  (They don’t really!)

5.   FEAR keeps many people from wanting to be with senior citizens.  It could happen to YOU!   Trust me, you don’t get old by being with old people.  It takes years!  However, truth be told, YOU WILL GET OLD!

So put yourself if the shoes of some old person and be a little kinder today.

You are simply looking at yourself in the future.  Inside they are still the person they always were.  Their hearts are still their hearts.  They CAN laugh, and be happy if you give them the opportunity.

Have you ever just sat down and said to some elderly person you are related to or friends with?  Ask him or her to tell you something no one else has ever heard, or some story that they want to share with you.  I did that with my mother and I heard some unbelievable things that were SO COOL! 

 She loved sharing, and thank God, she shared tips about aging gracefully and wisdom about many other things I had yet to come to learn.  Take advantage.  Sure seniors want to talk.  They want to share what they have done and learned OVER A LIFETIME.  SO WILL YOU!









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One Response to “Forty Million Senior Citizens in U.S.A.”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    It is a boon to any one to be aged. So many things may not allow in these days… to one to become aged… eg.. WARS – accidents – killing by the own folks and so on. By sustaining all these and attaiing to old age, one should have fought much in the life. so, that old person will be wise, fully experienced and definitely needs support, like what the support he/ she has extended for their children when they are growing, with out having awareness of what is going on around them. Old people are not like that. They are fully aware of what is going on around, and so, they need some support and assistance., but, in the same time, aged people will be some what stubborn and rigid by their feelings. Any one coming to their assistance, should first of all, set aside their ego, forgive the ego of the aged, think that they are small children and then come forward to help.
    You are such a nice person, being in the group of aged, and also in the group of young and energitic youth- trying to create awareness among the not-aso-aged people, about what is going to happen in the future for them… That is very nice.

    From my side, I am doing my best to spend an hour two with the aged people of the Orphanages/ old-age-homes and some old aged in the houses too. I am experiencing the same.
    Thank you… you have given me some more inspiration. The main hurdles in our place, in India, is lack of finance, as most of the aged are not having enough money to cater to their basic needs… and me too, with out surplus funds to help them. But, it is our duty to be by the side of the aged, needy and to all the people who need support.

    I woe you a lot for your supportive words.
    All the best, dear Marsha
    I will remember your words always

    affectionately yours…………….prasad

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