Are you ready for this?

Life is a series of changes.  No matter how much you like where you are currently, or how happy or unhappy you are, remember:  THE ONLY THING YOU CAN BE SURE OF IS CHANGE.

But going back to change, it is important to keep this in mind.  KEEP READY TO BE FLEXIBLE.  It is the same theory as when we stretch our bodies.  If we keep our bodies flexible, then if we step over the creek on a rock that isn’t as big as it looked, we won’t fall in.  We will be able to stretch across it to reach the next step.

No matter WHAT CHANGE comes, you will be able to handle it if you remember we sometimes have to accept some changes we aren’t able to do any about.  Some things in life we can change, but when you reach what

seems to be a block wall, remember you can find your way if you just don’t give in to failure!  Climb over the wall, dig under it, walk around it, drill through it…and if none of those ways resolve the problem, STP – Stop, think, and pray!

Perhaps you are supposed to stay near the wall for a while.  Be willing to be flexible and learn from what is happening.  You ALWAYS have the CHOICE to respond to ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ANY WAY YOU CHOOSE!  That is a freedom in itself.

Keeping that in mind, remember EVERYTHING CHANGES WITH TIME.


This brace is TEMPORARY, but if you’d ask me two months ago if I’d been wearing a brace right now, I would have bet NO!  Life does change!

(Mama told me I could also always be sure of God and love too.  I CONCUR!)  That is a truism we also need to know.

Photo on 2013-02-07 at 18.05

I am sitting behind the rock wall.  STP (Stop-Think-Pray) – I’ve stopped (temporarilyJ).  I am thinking about what is next to come and how I will move onward and upward, and I am praying throughout the day.

What freedom I have!  How wonderful it is to be alive!  I wonder what exciting and challenging circumstance will happen next!

Be optimistic.  It is like using a muscle – optimism gets stronger with use.

Count all the small and big blessings, and find a way.

God bless you, and I sometimes forget, God bless me too!  J

CREATE a beautiful day no matter what.  We have such freedom there!

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