Pain Bites!

First, let me say this, I published this on my stressmanagementmagic website so you may have read it: however, I just re-read it and it helped me, so I am publishing it here in case it may give you a hand in dealing with YOUR pain!  Have a beautiful day – no matter what!

Definition of Pain:  aching, tingling, throbbing, stabbing, debilitating, punishment (really!), agonizing, piercing, horrific, mild, severe……WHATEVER!

Pain is pain, but it’s not all the same.

Mine is worse than yours.

No yours worse than mine.

“I’ve had mine longer.”

“But mine is stronger.”

“Well I have mine all the time.”

Pain, therefore, is whatever the person experiencing it, says it is.

As we compare our pain with someone else, an epiphany must occur.   There is NO COMPARISON to be made.  Since every single one of us is a different human being, and our chemical makeup, spiritual base, experiences, physiology, and intellect are diverse, a comparison is not only impossible, it is ludicrous.

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage.”

However, pain is a symptom that cannot be objectively assessed by another.  The person who is having it must assess pain!

I won’t say I had more pain today than any other person.  I can only judge for myself when I say it was a rough pain day today.  I probably exacerbated it because I find it nearly impossible to sit still, even with a compressed fracture of L1.

Keep in mind now with that being said – we can control our pain, in part.  Pay attention to pain.  It is a warning.  It can also be a consequence.

You have a right to your honest pain, and so do I.  You cannot feel guilty because others might have more pain than you and you feel like a whiner.

We all handle pain differently, and only you can be the judge as to how you handle pain.  I personally can handle a fair amount of pain without grumbling or crying, but there is a point when I allow myself tears or extra prayers, or just feeling low for a time.

What I have discovered is that not allowing myself to wallow in pain seems to diminish the overwhelmed feeling I might have had.

Another thing that helps my pain is to divert my attention to something or someone else.  Hence, today I write about pain, and actually – I feel better now.

Lastly, always remember to use your oxygen to help control your pain.  When we feel pain we have a tendency to hold our breath because of it.  When that pain hits, TAKE a DEEP SLOW BREATH in and visualize the oxygen going to the area that needs to be healed.  It will.

Remember breathing creates a pharmaceutical of wonderful natural painkillers for you.  Truly.  That is the physiology of the body.

When you exhale, visualize all the carbon dioxide and lots of pain flying out your fingertips into oblivion.  Then do the whole thing for five minutes or so.  You will feel better.  I hope you do!

I do.

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One Response to “Pain Bites!”

  1. vhhp Says:

    when a person is in happy mood, he tells all the happy things and when one is with pain, only talks of it,and I am worried you are talking of only this for some 3 to 4 issues.
    I am not able to access the exact situation.
    I pray for your better health, as I can do nothing from this place.



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