Oh friend so far away ,

You sent me light and love today!

Can I still be blue and drown in pain?

I think not, for what is there to gain?

I will forge to wellness and smile with  joy,

I will breathe in the breath of life.

I will never forget my blessings,

the large ones and the small.

For there are many each day,

I am grateful for them all.

Your concern was like a warm breeze ,

brushing the pain aside – to make way for my healing.

Some times when we are searching the fog for a clear place to see,

We may need a friend to help, a friend such as thee.

You know who you are!

A kind deed, a kind word spoken, or written with sincere concern of heart.

The worth cannot be measured to me.

Thank you for the gift, you helped  to set me free.


I’ve been watching bees and butterflies in the cherry tree, and the grass grow! ————————–


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4 Responses to “”

  1. vhhp Says:

    The photo of a bougainvillea plant, as white as those of the flowers shown in your photo, as pure as a good heart, who wishes all the people to be happy and stress-free. Some flowers may not have beautiful colours, and some without fragrance, as these bougainvilleas are… but they all belong to the family of Creator, who wishes each and every creature- a good and happy life all along.

    With best wishes and regards to all your family members and all the regular readers of this page.


  2. Peg Richards Says:

    (((Hugs))), Marsha! This is beautiful! Much love, Peg.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much Peg! I caught those hugs, and back to you!

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