Even the smallest creature in the kingdom can create something worthwhile…The little spider wove a web.  Even if by chance, a fragile and amazing kind of beauty.  Hard rain fell and drops were captured in the sturdy creation.  The sun peeked out from behind a cloud.  A little web, a little rain and a beautiful piece of art from the smallest things of nature. Image

I am using this as my screen saver.  The sparkle of the droplets hanging delicately from the sturdy web, and the green of the leaves are such an indication of spring to come.  Have a wonderful day, and try SMILING – just because!

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4 Responses to “BEAUTY and ART FROM NATURE”

  1. vhhp Says:

    I want to share some facts which we all know.
    I just want it to remember one more more time.
    I know certain things in nature, which we can give out and help the society. The first one is Education.. Second one is Blood.. Give blood to any one who is in need of, our body loves this and re-energizes us within hours. And Smile is certainly a good one and let it be always on your lips, which makes you close with the other people. You don’t loose anything if you smile. Keep a mirror in front of you and smile and see your face- how beautiful it is and also observe it with out smile…… it will not be that good. So, keep smiling, be truthful to yourself, be truthful to the family members, be truthful to the society. Serve with a smile, and your smile will keep the other one too keep smiling and the whole country, and the whole world will be cheerful.
    Thank you for reading all this smiling stuff

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much for such valuable truisms. My husband calls me the “Human Happy Face”. Smiling not only feels better, but I like to think it is “contagious”…we all need to remember your accurate and thoughtful words. Have a beautiful day!

    • vhhp Says:

      Dear Marsha, I just saw that you are again in the hospital. how is your situation now? I pray for your early and speedy recovery. Please convey my regards to your husband.
      Sudarshana (prasad’s mother)
      prasad, (me)
      Aruna, ( my wife)
      Aaditya, (my first son)
      Vijay (my second son)

      hope to see you very soon, dear Marsha!

  3. Says:

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