Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men who know how important this job is, and made it a priority!


“Dad-father-daddy-pops” are just a few of the names used by the children of the world.  Though I know there are families who make it successfully without a father figure in the household, you guys who have made a difference in the lives of your children —-give yourselves a hand!  SERIOUSLY

Parenting is probably the toughest job ever, and there is NO MANUAL to follow, for each child is unique, If you have stuck with it and tried your best, then God bless you!

Women are pretty competent at handling sixteen different things at a time.

Men generally, on the other hand, prefer to do one thing at a time.  Children demand so much, without even asking. They just have so many needs, and they are geared according to each child – Geared to emotions, intellect, overall health, and so forth.


No need to be specific about all the DEMANDS a father may find himself in the middle of, on a single day.  A good father shows kindness and love,

but firmness in decisions that benefit the children.  He must have patience with the repetitious demands small children requires.  The list of “requirements” to fulfill the position of GREAT DAD goes on……..


So if you’ve had ONE person say “Happy Father’s Day” today, then you probably are one of the “good ones”.  CONGRATULATIONS…. it is the most demanding of positions, and the job with probably the least rewards; that is until one of these things happen:

1.    Your daughter climbs on your lap and hugs you and says, “I love you daddy.”

2.    Your son says, “Thanks Dad for always being there for me when I needed you.”

3.    Or you look at your infant grandchild and remember the first time your son swam on his own, or the time your daughter showed you her prom dress and you realized she’d become a woman……….


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY GUYS!  If the family forgets to thank you every day for all you do, just watch them grow into fine young men and women, and know the JOB YOU DID was one of dire importance in the success of the future of our civilization and the planet earth.




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