Edith / Gay Rights / Supreme Court

Edith Windsor you have successfully taken away the rights of millions of voters, along with the fat cats who hold life-long positions as Supreme Court judges.

As of two days ago, my country gave unelected officials the right to overturn the will, and the vote of the people.

California voted two times, and two times the state’s people voted against recognizing gay marriage. Thirty -three states still refuse to recognize marriage as anything except the union between man and woman.

I don’t care what “choice” people make for sexual orientation, or life partners. Just because I hold to my own beliefs doesn’t mean I am anyone’s judge. I respect each person’s right to choose.

That isn’t the point of this post! Today big brother won a victory that will be one of the bigger steps in the downfall of this great country.

I do care about my VOTE meaning something. As far as I am concerned now – we are all on our own. It is horrifying to my that millions and millions of citizens votes mean nothing.

God help us.

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