A doggone shame! :)

I tried for over an hour to post some of the cutest photos of my dog I was sure you would enjoy!  After finishing everything and posting, the post came up with no photos!

I tried it over and over again – to no avail.  So….instead of being upset or stressed out, I will just figure it’s not the time to post them, and I will leave the computer for a while and do something else.  I will not be stressed out by ANYTHING, particularly something that is supposed to be fun!  I hope you find the same format in your handling of “life”.

Makes it a damn sight easier!  Have a beautiful weekend and never waste a moment on misery.  We only have this moment.

This is a photo of me with my “gear” since my surgery.  It is a “temporary” situation because I plan to heal.  I am working on it every day now, and I am able to step a couple of steps without the walker.  Progress – slow and steady.

God bless you all.  Remember, no wasting moments!

the new me

Photo on 2013-07-01 at 15.42

Don’t be sad for me.  I am a woman on a mission of healing.  You can pray for my healing if you like…but

I am a happy puppy!

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