Dog – Pup – Pet – Animal – FRIEND

I played with my dog with the hats and such, but now that she is four the play is over (well, that kind of play).  She is rather dignified…trained and such.  She will defend me, but she is a gentle giant with the little ones.  Her first lessons were to be gentle with children and not to even bark at them.

She’s been a real friend and a great dog for four years.  I firmly believe anyone who has a big dog, should be responsible enough to train them.  Also, anyone that has a pet should be respectful enough to carry bags and pick up poop.  For those that allow their cats to wander at night – that might be okay, but they should have a litter box outside so neighbors don’t have to wind up with the bushess in their yards smelling like litter boxes.  It’s just respecting others.

So out of respect for my girl, a few photos to show you a little of her growing from a pup until now.






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2 Responses to “Dog – Pup – Pet – Animal – FRIEND”

  1. jamie Says:

    Looking for in advance to reading through extra within you in a while!? I’m typically to blogging and site-building and i really respect your articles.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Thank you jamie. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Not sure I understand what you are saying in that first sentence. Could you clarify please? Have a beautiful day!

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