It is GREAT to be alive – no matter what challenges I have!

We all have challenges, and I woke up this morning and just thanked God for still being alive.  I can’t wait to see another full moon, or the sky filled with stars.

I listen to the mockingbird each morning singing song after song.  There are so many things to be happy about.  Happiness is possible for everyone, even those of us with challenges we didn’t expect.

I read a wonderful quote the other day and I want to share it:

“The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is.”                                                                                                     – Erasmus

So today concentrate on finding and cherishing the “real” YOU!  Be kind to yourself,  let yourself rest, be proud of yourself for tasks you’ve completed.  Forgive yourself.  We are more likely to do these things for others, but you are worth taking care of, and worth loving!  God doesn’t make mistakes……….

CREATE a beautiful, beautiful day.  I am going to, and I am going to practice what I preach  (really not trying to preach!).

I just really care.  I am posting a few photos for you to enjoy just in case you aren’t able to share these things in person.

Two deer closer


white flowers


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