I am fairly sizzling with zeal and enthusiasm!

I have a long way to go in the “healing arena”, but I am on my way.  God bless you all and God bless God!

Never give up, and never give in.  Even when you feel the best is over – it’s not!   It’s a choice.  A new way, a new day, a new time to adjust your thinking to accommodate room for all the wonderful things that may happen, all the new challenges you will have, and all the surprises along the way.

You KNOW it’s not getting to the top of the mountain that is exciting, but the thrill of the trail winding to the top that is exciting.

I am as sure this morning, as anyone can ever be, I have great times too come.  As a matter of fact, I am pulling them towards me by keeping my faith, using prayer as an ally and being willing to work hard enough to feel the sting of “positive pain” in healing.

I am also of a mind that if you do not allow ANYTHING to pull you down, except for those times you allow yourself to mourn a loss, or even times to feel sorrow or sadness,  you will hang on to the hope of a new dream – maybe more than one!  Allot time for human emotion to wrench your heart, and then  onward and upward, my friend.

NEVER let fear or pain take charge.  You are in charge.  When the winds of change are raging, keep your faith – and if you haven’t used the power of prayer or faith – why not try to pray now.  If that just isn’t your bag, well, I promise, if you keep a positive attitude, are kind and work hard…..good things will come to you.  You are rooted with divine love and if you keep on “keepin’ on”, divine love will bring you to a new place in your life.

Dare to be what you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do, and life will provide you the means to do it and be it.  It is never too late to rephrase your thoughts, refine and correct your words, and take the first steps to reactivate dreams for your life.  Don’t forget, either, age has nothing to do with it at all.  Late bloomers flower bigger!

The most important and first exercise to do in order to change your life and manifest your dreams, is to exercise your intellect.  Work on patience, drop those negative words and thoughts, and every time you are about to step into another deep hole, take a breath and stop.

It is ALL a choice.  Every moment of your life is a choice.  Don’t think you have control over anything that happens.  Mostly we don’t.  But you ALWAYS have the choice in how to respond to life.

We each live in a world of our own thoughts………….by altering your thoughts, whenever YOU REALLY WANT TO,  you will change your life.  It will take practice, but if you choose your thoughts carefully, and change your consciousness,,, you will find there is no limit to the heights to which you can climb.

CREATE a wonderful day full of each moment having relevance and I will do the same.


By the way, an update on my accident and healing.  I am WALKING with a walker.  I hit a milestone yesterday.  I can drive (safely) to physical therapy.  I will be going under intense physical therapy three times a week for three months, and then we’ll see about the walker!  And, even though my left ankle is still paralyzed, I was given a gift.  My right foot is numb on the outside rim (and all the way up my leg), but there is enough feeling in the middle of my foot, and my ankle works, so I can really drive safely!

I would never drive were there a doubt in my mind.  Remember, three months ago I couldn’t walk!  I am so excited to find out where this new path is leading me.  I have cried, and mourned, and now I am a happy puppy taking baby steps.  Yahoo.  God is good.  God bless you all, and remember: It’s a choice.”

Choose life.  🙂

I took this photo on photo booth right before my last doctor appointment.  I no longer have to wear this hot and heavy turtle shell brace.

Photo on 2013-07-01 at 15.42 But I am grateful for the safety it provided me the first three months.  The photo below is the first one after learning I no longer have to wear it!

Photo on 2013-07-25 at 21.47

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10 Responses to “I am fairly sizzling with zeal and enthusiasm!”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    You are incandescent, Marsha! I like your attitude that all is experience and opportunity, no matter how challenging. Dummy me thought that the turtle was some new colour blocked dress fashion – it’s great you are free of it now. Sending warm wishes your way! G

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Why thank you so much! I loved “You are incandescent…” Wow! I called the shell my Madonna shell as my breasts
      were pushed out and put in the spotlight for all to see. Thought it might be nice to have had cones! Haahaa.
      Hope you are well and happy. God bless you!

  2. vhhparunaprasad Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    Myself, my wife ARUNA, my mother SUDARSHANA all saw your snaps of Happy mood. My mother and my wife join me to greet you and wish to send their best wishes and regards to the IRON lady, with such a will power- conquered the problems and now- in front of all- saying that THATS ALL… BE POSITIVE…. and joining the main stream of inspiring the young and old – alike- setting a path of her own – !
    With Regards,
    one of your admirers –
    V. Hari Hara Prasad fro India.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so very much for your warm greetings, and from your wife and mother, as well! Such a blessing to have friends half way around the world, and friends who really care! I do feel happy and grateful for all those blessings, big and small, we accept every day.
    Gosh, I have admirers…I am blushing! Warm greetings to you all too, and thanks again! So nice to hear from you.

    • bpopp Says:

      Hi Marsha. I am really inspired by reading about your struggles with your injury. My mother had a similar fall in December and has a similar injury. She is still in a brace and is trying to decide whether to have the fusion surgery being recommended by her doctor. If I could gave you her email, would you mind terribly taking a few minutes to talk to her about your experiences? If you’ll email me at bpopp [at] bpopp.net, I’ll forward you her email address. Thanks so much and thanks for sharing your story.


  4. susieshy45 Says:

    You look lovely Marsha. And your positive spirit is literally showing on your face.

  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    In the home I walk barefooted but I have to be extremely careful.
    In the yard I use a staff, and when out I use a cane (sometimes two) – however, my goal is to work at it until I can walk freely again, and do a happy dance! Thanks for asking!

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