Choose your vision – Choose wisely

ImageWhen I photographed this flower I did so because the color was vibrant and I thought the flower such a lovely creation.  When I took it off the camera I noticed something else.

Did you see it too?

I see a Happy Face.  Sometimes our vision of things around us is clouded by emotions and prejudices.  Open your mind to clarity and choose the character of what you face, clearly.  Your choices will meld into your life….whether positive or negative.  Remember also, you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Apply this to “first visions” and keep your mind pure in thought, with judgements reserved until a time you may be called upon to decide “with knowledge”.

I immediately saw a Happy Face, and I hope you did too.  Keep those visions positive and pull that positive “power” towards you.  Your life will blossom like a flower – I promise!

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5 Responses to “Choose your vision – Choose wisely”

  1. vhhp Says:

    We do not know how you were- when you were young-aged. Now – where ever you go, what ever you see, you are showing us only the happy moments and making us all think positively. Very very happy to see the flower’s smiling face – of course, truly speaking, seen it after you told so. Yes. We would have missed it. 🙂
    With all good wishes and regards

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      I believe I was born with purely happy high energy. I think my twin brother and I were laughing in the womb. I remember always
      loving people and almost everything, most of my life. There were times in my life I admit, when I nearly hit bottom with tragedy and
      sorrows…but with my faith in God, and the promises I made to Him, I was able to return to joy fairly quickly. I promised always to be faithful and never question my faith, no matter what happens. I promised not to grow hard and cold from life’s trials; to keep a soft heart. And I promised to go out of this life loving and happy. I
      think having made these promises to our Creator has made me stronger. Also – there was a time before these promises I was pretty miserable. It wasn’t any fun at all, so I gave it up!

      Love to blessings you you and all your family!

  2. Zentai Suit Says:

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    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Oh my gosh. I feel so happy you enjoy it! I have been amidst quite a bit that keeps me from my computer as much as I like, but soon hope to work up to posting every single day. You made my day!

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    Choose your vision – Choose wisely | Relax, it’s just Life!

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