Here is what I really enjoy about getting older


1.  When I feel some detachment to something – it is not indifference.  It means I have lived and suffered, and having suffered, I can draw back and see with my heart – not raw emotions.

2.  I can be honest and not play “games” any more because I know honesty is always the best response.  You can never get caught when you are honest.

3.  My tongue is my sword, and I have a well-honed blade that cuts with love.

4.  Because I am true to myself, others resonate with it, and I ring a tone of truth in peace.

5.  I have nothing to loose, but much to share with whomever chooses to ask or listen.  I will not volunteer to speak unless it is a matter of life and death; otherwise I wait to be invited.

6.  My personal demands are no longer of great importance.  As long as I keep my attitude positive and my heart true, whatever I need comes to me.

7.  My faith is enriched and I truly do hand my problems to the Lord in prayer – and then release them to show my faith.

8.  I have no reason to try to persuade anyone of anything.  I am happy in who I am, and only want to share love, understanding and joy.

9.  I have seen enough to separate irrelevance from essence.  I have neither the time nor the energy to wast on superficialities.

10. I do not seek to usurp power from anyone.  I have unlimited resources from within and I know it.

11.  I do not envy anyone of anything.  I enjoy others success vicariously, and applaud their luck and efforts.

12. I take most of life with a grain of salt, as it truly is a divine comedy, if we see it as such.  As mama said, “the party was going long before I arrived and will be going long after I leave.  I will just enjoy it.  The most important legacy you can leave is the legacy of love, and faith in the fact our Great Spirit loves us each individually.”

 Lastly, I am grateful for a mind that is still sharp, an enduring and healing body, and the love that people share with me.

Create a wonderful weekend and know you are worth loving…you are perfect just as God created you – accept you as you would others.  I truly care!

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