Philippines, and a few thoughts.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILLIPINES. also, if you have a few bucks give for help for them.  I understand that Filipinos who are collecting money for their families will actually get them to faster than any other way.  God bless them all.
I’ve never met a Filipino that has been anything but a wonderful person!  They need our prayers and help.
I think it’s disgusting that young people who are healthy will be forced to spend money on insurance.  I think it’s also horrible that a portion of my husband’s hard earned money will go to pay insurance for someone without it.  Not that I want anyone to suffer…..I don’t, but that includes my husband!
Did you know that eighty percent of the antibiotics used in this country are used to pump into cows so they get fat and sassy, and bring more at the market.
If someone killed someone you loved, would you care if the lethal drug used to kill them caused them “prolonged, unnecessary pain”?
If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, please be very careful on the roads.  So many people still text and use cell phones still holding them.  Between that scenario, and people who drive and drive – it is important for you to be a defensive driver.  Be safe.
I miss writing and reading blogs on a regular basis, but not as much as I am enjoying the beautiful fall weather we are experiencing here in Northern California.
That is it for now.  Just be safe and CREATE a beautiful day for you and your loved ones.  Time is fleeting and we never know what the next moment may bring to us.
God bless you all.

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2 Responses to “Philippines, and a few thoughts.”

  1. vhhp Says:

    most of the third world is being used as a test tube/ testing ground for the developed world. Unknowingly, that is also being reflected on the children of the big brothers too!

    Let there be no unnecessary pain. Let there be no unwanted suffering. Let there be no unwanted killing of creatures- whether they are trees or creatures of the sea or human beings!

    Let us join to give a meaningful thanks giving- a true occasion.
    As lord Buddha said, Let all creatures be happy always! (Sarve jana SukhinoBhavantu! (in Sanskrit language)

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I know you are right in stating this. It is horrible and also very sad. It seems like such an easy task to love one another and care for this beautiful planet and ALL the planet’s creatures. I too will give thanks on Thanksgiving, as I do every day. Happiness to you and your loved ones – and as your Lord Buddha says, we should be all happy. I have learned to be happy in all conditions, as the Word says, and that no matter what, we have all that choice. Bless you and thank you for always sharing such important thoughts.

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