This morning’s post is rather scattered, but I never claimed to be one hundred percent normal.

This is where I am this morning – where ever it may be:
When I can’t lift my feet to move out of the bed and wonder
Why there is another morning
My mind turns to the men and the women who have given
Their limbs, their lives,
To defend career politicians

Each time before a plunder or a war, they permeates our minds,
With hatred contempt, and wasted time spend hating the whole world blind.
He never knew why the hatred current raged,

He never knew why his directive was to become engaged
To kill at will, to find and maim, he was taught to be loyal to our country,
His efforts would keep us free.

They lied to our children, they lied to us, now we are seated in a
Place of ill trust.  Bleed the workers dry.  Let the sluffers lie.

When I try to walk and the pain shoots through my leg like a bullet,
I remember I have never seen bullets fly.
I have never seen the blood of a stranger I had to kill.

These men and women so valiantly stand, while the politicians
Just smile and put out their hand.
I want a trip, time off with the family, take your guns away, but
My guard is a dandy.

Suits and ties cover lies for a while, a band of white teeth
Spread across a smiling face, why it is our politicians,
Cheating on wives, lying to our faces, writing bad checks, they still have their places.

Why shouldn’t they smile they have it all, had millions to spend on elections, and now
Everything is tfor them for free – dash the salary.  Who needs it?

This is scattered like my emotions.  My pain is overwhelming; I cannot even imagine the courage of this brave group of souls who are guardians to our nation.  They give
Limbs and lives believing they are protecting the sovereignty of our beautiful nation,
While elected officials, all along, plan their vacation.

Centered I must be now and face my pain. Faith carries me to where I must go, though where it may be, I simply don’t know. My heart and my prayers and my gratitude to all who have died – and to those who suffer far more than me, for to live in continuous
pain and anguish is the hardest of all, these young men and women, these babes from our arms sent to war after war.

While the cronies laugh amongst themselves, reveling in their power and might, the people, we know – something’s not right.  It must change.  No more wars, no more
playing of the world like a monopoly game.

I wonder what would happen if each one in power was to find themselves required to send one son or daughter to the front lines of a war.  Required to watch as they come
home without limbs or in a body bag.  Do you think this would open their eyes.

Do you know there is only a VERY TINY percentage of men and women in our congress now who have served in the armed forces?  They don’t feel our pain, our poverty, our loss.  They don’t care, I swear.

The band of citizens is growing in numbers – a group united by God and living souls.
There will be a time of remorse to many, but their time will have passed.

I still believe in the power of one person to make a difference.  You will have a domino effect on those in the circle of your life. The world’s peoples are growing impatient with the greedy bastards.  Power with love and what is right.  Never give up or give in.  I won’t – I promise.

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7 Responses to “This morning’s post is rather scattered, but I never claimed to be one hundred percent normal.”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha! You have rightly pointed out the pains and sufferings of the young courageous people going to the war front to defend the mother land, which is rather UN-necessary- if problems are sorted out with discussions. You are thinking of a very great pain to come out of your paining legs. Your stress management techniques are really very practical. you are a very true heart, a good human being. I pray for your well being. I wish you come out of the pain and sufferings very soon- successfully. I have trust in my words and you trust the good hearts and God. We are all waiting for you. Get well soon dear Marsha!

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      You always make me smile. Thank you for caring. I truly believe that the blessings and wishes you send are healing to me. Love is the great healer – and I too trust God. I am mending, ever slowly, but with great faith. It is so lovely to know I have loved ones, family, across the world.

      • vhhp Says:

        Dear Marsha,
        One of my friends used to say- the distance between any two places is same To and Fro. The same analogy applies to the hearts too. How much I think of you- has been revealed by your words. Really, it is a very great feeling that WE ARE NOT ALONE and that some one else is there on the other side of the globe. Thank you dear Marsha, for your affectionate words. These words have added more responsibility on me regarding you all over there.
        Regards to all

  2. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha, No words from your PC for the Blog for the past 28 days. Please give me your phone number. I want to talk to you once. Best wishes for the new year. Hope every thing will be alright in this new year.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Thank you so much for your concern. I would share my number with you in a moment, however, my husband is very nervous about sharing with someone. I know you, but he does not, so I respect his wishes.
      I am okay. I have been very sick – severe broncitis (plus I had to have one of my teeth in back removed and it was tricky). Still waiting to be able to get total hip replacement so I am not walking much at all, and not sitting too much either because of severe sciatia on both sides! I sound great, eh? 🙂 I am blessed! Just having difficult time at the moment so have not written any posts for a long while. I am
      honored you have missed me. I will be writing soon, I hope, once I really feel better. No place to go except up. Onward and upward moment by moment. Thank you for caring so and missing me. I would surely appreciate a prayer or two sent my directions, and I send warm greetings to you and your loved ones. God bless.

  3. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    I too respect the words of your loving and caring life partner. It is for sure, what he thinks is 100% correct.
    Who ever we are… what ever we do, where ever we stay, one day, the destiny is the journey what you confirmed! Yes. Now I got my heart a little bit easy and happy too! Please remember that every day, I think of you and ask for your happiness at the desk of prayer and at the gatherings, where I spend times for the old and aged people- to make them happy.
    Thank you for your blessings and wishes.
    One of our Indian Artists – Mr. R.K.Laxman says about the tooth pain as… think of your Tax problems and you feel there is no tooth problem.. In our native Telugu language, the words for Tax and Tooth are one and the same. Hope by now you got relieved of the tooth problem and the Hip op. is to be on for a good result.
    Please convey my regards to all your loved ones and to you too
    bye for now, with respects.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      It means so much that you care so much I have touched your heart – you have touched mine as well.Thank you for praying for me.
      Prayer is such a wonderful gift. Spending time with the elderly is often times neglected, and I love that you do such a kind thing. Tax and tooth – that is great! Tooth perfect (well, no tooth!), and next week, on the 23rd I will have an entire new hip. Technology is wonderful and medical advances – in so many ways. I am so fortunate to be able to have this surgery done. I cannot wait to walk again! But as always, His will, not mine.

      Blessings to you and those in your circle of life. Love and prayers to you all.

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