Third time is a charm

I do not know why but today I am having trouble posting.  So I will practice my patience and stick with it.

Yahoo, I have a few minutes to write a bit again.  I have been doing my exercises two times a day (no one ever gets better by “thinking” about doing exercises), so I am highly motivated!

I hope you are “CREATING” a beautiful day.  Remember, no matter what happens to you, you always have one hundred percent control over your RESPONSE!  Take a breath before you speak, and remember YOU ARE in charge of your response to ANY scenario.

Never let life drag you to a pit – at least, if you wind up in the pit, start the ladder upward by being in charge of you!  Trust me, I have been to hell and back (more than once), and when I finally realized I was “in charge” my life began to change.

If someone flipped me off, I just said a prayer for him/or her, because they probably needed it.  I kept my happy feeling, and in turn, my day was not diminished!  No matter what happens….YOU are the most important boss in your life.

I tried being miserable.  It sucked, so I literally gave it up!  If I have a pity party or am down, I allow myself those emotions, then I switch from emotion to intellect, and move onward and upward.

I know you can change your life just by being the kind of “boss of you”, that you would be for someone else.  You are a very important person!  You are a one of a kind.  Now hug yourself and smile!  All is not lost!

Here is a fact that we all should know:  if you have just one latte a day, in three hundred and sixty five days, you will have eaten thirty-nine pounds of sugar!  Use moderation and you can still enjoy the things you like.

Will close this post now with a reminder, you REALLY can turn your life around just by the CHOICES you make in response to life’s mountain that challenge us all.  Take a breath, and God bless you!

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One Response to “Third time is a charm”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    For a soldier, I think some one gives the order to go ahead, some one inspires him from the messages and his own heart and mind should encourage to make him say…ATTACK….
    For the general public, I am seeing your words like that.

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