Rambling from the heart

Beautiful is a friend who always there for you, even if she should be taking care of herself.
Beautiful is kindness that comes directly from the heart, and is unending for those in need.
Beautiful is a smile that doesn’t have to be pasted on, but one that reflects joy and sincerity.
Beautiful is character that molds itself from life’s experiences, and grows in quality and positive traits.
Beautiful is being able to face someone and look them in the eyes and know they love you too.
Beautiful is faith that is recognized, and credit given to He that paid the highest sacrifice.
Beautiful is genuine motivation to purse something in life that shares healing with others.

Beautiful is a word that cannot be fully described, yet you know when you see real beauty
because there is a vibrance, and a shining glow that can only be captured with the word beautiful!

Be beautiful  – it’s possible for all – for beauty lies within the heart, so open yours and let your light shine.  When you love, love will come to you bountifully.

Learn to give, and you learn to live!


Outside my window

Life goes on

Little Bird still sits on a branch close by

He peers into look at me and I look at him

Little wings and beak

Human limbs healing, but still weak

Red berries in the bush

Posion to humans

Delight to feathered friends

Life goes on

It never really ends

On to something new

Change is imminent


God bless those bound to home

Never freed

Life goes on

Still all is new

CREATE this day

And ……God bless you!

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6 Responses to “Rambling from the heart”

  1. jayne bowers Says:

    Marsha, I’ve been reading 99 Blessings by David Steindl-Rast, and I have a feeling that you would LOVE it. He begins each blessing with “Source of all Blessings,” and then goes on to write about blessings that we often take for granted like hair, kitchen noises, beds, tears, medicine, constellations, seashells, road crews, birdsong, and so on. It’s the kind of book that you’ll want to read and reread.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I surely appreciate your recommendation and I absolutely will get the book and read it. I will probably read it more than once. So nice to get a personal recommendation of a good book – THANK YOU for taking time to share! Our reading is kind of like nutrition for our minds and hearts, isn’t it? God bless and thanks again!

  3. susieshy45 Says:

    Lovely poem. I would suggest submitting some of your work to ” Chicken soup for the soul”, so they can inspire others ( like me).

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for such high comments. I actually have just published a few books on Amazonbooks.com. Haven’t advertised yet as I am working on publishing 3 more (plus children’s stories). If you would like and go to sight I think you might like Lessons in Love and / or The Spirit of Whiskeytown Lake best. Hope to get them on kindle and nook soon, but for now they are in book form. IF you do read and like, please comment what you think about the book. I am so trying to earn money too (but my main goal is to try to use my gift in the way the Good Lord wants me to do so. I want to share whatever He has given me. Have a beautiful day and thanks again for being so kind.

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