This day will be wonderful! I insist!

I woke up this morning and wondered if I could handle what lies before me.It was then I realized that all I have to live is this day.I can certainly, even with limitations, live one brief day – purely trusting God.

I cannot see Him, nor can I see the breeze…but I can feel the breeze!I cannot touch Him, but I can touch a child, and feel the miracle of life.

I cannot hug Him, but I can feel the warmth of the sun, nurturing me, and sustaining my life.

I cannot prove to you that He exists, but I can rise above whatever tries to hold me down,

And show you by my Faith that His power resides within us all, and abides with us if we just ask…

I will stand tall, even though I lost height when I was injured, and my feet are unsteady.

I will breathe in the breath of life because I can, and it empowers me, to see the stars I seek.

I will forge through all the muck and mire, and never tire of pushing on,

Because I somehow KNOW He loves me, and I want you to know,


It may not seem like it to you right now, but I am certain we have shared similar pangs and pains of being human.  If I am able, YOU are able!

You are NOT alone.  If you must, “play” for the day.  Pretend you believe.  File those hard times with a “grain of salt”, as they say.  This too shall pass, so PLEASE, ENJOY YOUR DAY.  It is a one of a kind.  It will never be again.

Insist on love and happiness – Just for this day put all those giant concerns to rest – promise to tackle them tomorrow!  Life changes so quickly.  My life is changed forever – who knows what may be tomorrow – Fill your life with joy today, laugh and sing, and the best will come your way!

Go on now, do it, I dare you.  Laugh!  Sing out loud!  Do you think all will be lost if you actually force yourself to rest and regenerate?  Even just a little will change your day.

Do not give in to hell. Loosen those chains you manifest from what seems “unchangeable hardships”. Make heaven resound from within YOU, and the angels will sing around you.

You think I am silly?  You think this impossible?  I can almost hear them now!






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8 Responses to “This day will be wonderful! I insist!”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha
    You seem to me like Jesus is giving you strength and wisdom to make other fellow human beings realize what life means. I respect each and every word of your feelings. We are helpless in many ways and we should bend our head down and Pray for little help after which we can pull on. I pray for you and on your behalf, for some comfort. Standing some thousands of miles away, I can only do that. Thank you dear friend, for all that you have taught us all.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Thank you for your prayers! They are humbly accepted as gifts from you to me. Thousands of miles away, and you have given a most important gift, that actually will help me to heal mentally and physically. Your words make me very happy. Blessings to you and your loved ones!

  2. jayne bowers Says:

    Beautiful post!

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day!

  4. susieshy45 Says:

    Good morning. It is a beautiful day. Hope you had a good night’s sleep and have woken up feeling better.

  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    A new day means another moment to try to be light and love!
    Blessings and love to you and those in the circle of your life! Where do you live? I live in Northern California.

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