You may like “Family Guy”- But “Cosmos’ is hardwired to delete God

I love having a blog to voice my own thoughts.  I was mad after seeing Cosmos.  I choose to stand up for what I KNOW is TRUE.  From  miracles wrought in my lifetime, from the surges of power I have been filled with from prayer, from the connection and bond believers keep strong around the world – I hold hands and hearts with so many who now find that the “media” (in one form or another) is trying to halt OUR belief in God, and anything we hold sacred.

The stars, the universe, and our magnificent world have always fascinated me.  Innocently I recorded the “Cosmos”, which aired in my town at 6PM on Sunday evening, for all the children and all the families to see!

Seth McFarland and his cohorts presented a show, to wit, the purpose of it was ultimately to push the minds towards the big bang theory.  It was cleverly disguised and even had animated characters within, to press forward to explain “in the beginning”…for them, it was the big bang theory and we came from fish and small mammals.

You can stop reading if you do not agree with me when I say HOGWASH.   I could have stopped watching this show.  My feeling was, if I do not know what the children are being fed, I cannot give the remedy to keep them from getting ill and dying!

You have to listen to the words:  “…there is strong observational evidence to support the big bang theory.”  Of course, the universe just emerged in cosmic fire and gave birth to everything, and I am twenty-two years old, have long shapely legs, and am intelligent and funny! (Well, the intelligent and funny part is true).

There were so full of it they gave specific dates – oh yes – November ninth, life was in the water; microbes.  December seventeenth, and that last week in December, all evolved.  The first flower bloomed on December twenty-eighth.  Of course this was billions of years ago (Seth must seen it in his dreams.

His ancestors may have come from small animals, but mine did not.  Be careful world – those who have the loudest voices are trying to take God away, and that my friends, will be the true beginning of the end.

I do not base my life on strong observational evidence, nor the convincing of the creator of Family Guy.  I do not base my life and my beliefs on the theory of those who make a fortune dumbing down the people of America and the world.  I do not believe there was a “chance nature” that led to existence.

What a crock of garbage, and like so many other pieces of trash presented to millions on television, now it has become a series so they can try to weaken us and fill our little heads with trash that makes them millions and millions of dollars.  Classless, Godless, trivial, dark, spiritual illiterate pieces of the worst kind of fecal matter and garbage, rotting the minds of children and those who have not been enlightened AS YET.

I cannot remember when I have seen something so obviously against God, or any spiritual belief. It was subtle and I will give them that. There are lots of trashy shows in cartoon form, be aware, as they are tapping into the minds of our children.  If you have not yet taken the time to see what your children are watching, or really listened to the words presented in educational form, or in the form of cartoons, you had best be on your toes.  Evil can disguise itself as an angel of light, and you’d better believe it!

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3 Responses to “You may like “Family Guy”- But “Cosmos’ is hardwired to delete God”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Marsha – no one is knowledgeable about the Truth, nor certain. We are all just poking about trying to aim for certainty, which was ever, and still is elusive. just part of the Human Condition. Nothing to get too exercised about. Partisanship in beliefs causes a rupture of tolerance and has caused much ill in the world historically, and still is in process of being propagated, to all our detriment. G

  2. jayne bowers Says:

    Interestingly, I watched this and came away feeling, “God’s in His heaven, all’s right with the world.” Call me naive, but my take on it is that with the Creator, there would be no Big Bang or Creation or anything else.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I believe that too Jayne! Perhaps I was pulling too much from the words and making “assumptions”. I just am weary of so many trying to take God out of the lives of all of us; especially the children! Thanks for your take on it. I agree, none of this absolute stunning “everything” would be without our Creator! THANKS for the input, and for reading.

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