I awoke and this took form on paper

I don’t know what happened as some of the paragraphs were repeated.  It now stands corrected.  Have a beautiful moment – and the next, and the next!


I had a dream, and then another and another – night after night, month after month, year after year.  Years turned to decades and I found myself dreaming, still.

Life changed the dreams from beautiful flights of fancy to tears sometimes.  Everything in my waking hours turned to dreams.  All memories bound together by darkness and restless eyes.

Dreams turned to acknowledgements, wisdom, wishes and the still hope lay in the path to fly again.  I saw the future of the core of humans still aspiring, and of those who lost their way.  I saw minds turn to stone and move like robots over the drying planet.

I had a dream. All the youthful errors were brought to light and the heart of my heart shone above all others on the browning planet.  He was stable and like a rock.  He was true, and I was his soul mate and Spiritual friend.  All others dissipated like fog in late morning.

I was old and disabled.  I passed by a woman who scowled and resented everything.  I told her to try to smile.  I told her it would make all easier and love would come to her.

I watched youth and a robust and healthy young woman pivoted and turned with grace and ease.  I cried for the exchange of freedom in movement to truth coming.  I knew.

I dreamed of the multilevel dome and how I could see everything outside from within.

Across the glass bridge, everything was transparent and I ran and skipped across it and back to the dome.

Within the confines, which felt limitless, I found myself turning like the tiny ballerina on the music box, again and again I moved with the music in my mind.  I spun around the top level of the dome, never faltering, never less than steady.   When I stopped I looked at the sky outside and it was pure blue and knew I would fly again soon.

blue sky

“If I could just remember how”, I thought.  “I would gently lift, and with my head tilted towards the sky I would put my arms back beside my body. then back further, with fingers together and hands relaxed, still parallel to my body, but behind it now, I would pick up speed and gentle altitude – between the old buildings, now higher in the sky.

Above the empty cities, turning with arms out to my side, above the mountains, above where the green and blue once joined in gentle landscape.”

I knew I would remember again.  I was there already within my mind.  I flew over small institution cubes where the workers could be monitored, and the core of the common man now lived.  Everything had changed.   I could see it was near the time.

I lived my life and learned all of it.  I did not choose an easy end.  I fulfilled my time with grace and still a soft heart.

I awoke and was glad my dreams had finally left me.  For so many years in waking hours my mind lived in both the awake world and the dream world.  I could not forget either.

But I was meant to learn my lessons and I was tenacious and hungry still for adventure.

I awoke and the light was brilliant.  I had seen so many faces in the walls, and floors.  I could not be alone and awake, and daydream for a moment that the faces of multitudes did not appear to me.

I was glad to forsake my day on planet earth. I was glad to give up the freedom and treacheries of my dreams. I was glad to be without form in Spirit alone. . I was finally “as it should be”; as it will be for so many – as it is destined to be.

I felt snuggled in love and embraced in truth.  I realized I was never alone.  I never had been.

I could fly again.





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5 Responses to “I awoke and this took form on paper”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha, My father used to tell me that human beings learn and learn till their last second on this planet and leave the planet by knowing how to leave from here. I some how feel one of my closest friends is slowly drifting away from me. It is normal, it is natural, but it is painful. For the last so many months you were suffering but still teaching the fellow beings what life is and how to tackle it and win. It is very great. I thank God for giving me such a good friend who prays for others. Thank you frien. I join my family members to pray for your health.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I also thank God for you and your friendship – and that of your family. I believe that it is our task to stay on the path for a higher education while here, moving onward and upward. Our job is to praise God and love one another, I believe. I hadn’t heard it in words like your fathers words, but I too think we will know how to leave from here. When it is my time I want to still have a loving heart, and close my eyes with faith and peace. I appreciate your kind words and I will pray for you and your friend. Surely life is a challenge moment by moment, but we have such wonderful power from within and a tenacious and renewing Spirit. THANK YOU, and God bless you, and your family and friends. We are all family.

  3. jayne bowers Says:

    This is a beautiful post. I just read Annie Dillard’s For the Time Being, and something about your post reminds me of that book. I wish I could tell you in a concise way what it’s about, but I can’t. I’ll just say that it’s about birth, death, numbers, clouds, God, China, the Talmud, religion, evil, and a number of other fascinating topics.

  4. murmur Says:


    I awoke and this took form on paper | Relax, it’s just Life!

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