The Lone Tomato


I carefully planted the plants, and chose the perfect soils. Each day I watered faithfully.
I manicured on a regular basis, and noticed there were many little blossoms to become tomatoes. The plants grew and filled in and I watered them.

The sun shone down and nourished them, and I watered them.

Then one day I noticed there were no more blossoms. The leaves were bent downward and had the look of dying plants. The blossoms were gone and still, I watered them.

Every day I watched and watered. For weeks I hoped and watered, but still they withered.

One evening I decided to quit watering, and perhaps even pull the plants from the ground and deposit them in the trash. I was so discouraged….

But as God would have it, I decided to water once again. There in the midst of plants that obviously were not thriving was one lone tomato.

the lone tomato

Rejoice I did! Round and still green, that little tomato renewed my hope. The hope that there in the midst of all that “looked” dying and wilted, a single tomato thrived and chose to live.

I choose to live too. There in still life in me, and a spark, and love. Before I begin to really wither on the vine- which I hope is a long while from now – I choose to try to reignite that spark and move onward and upward in love.

Never give up. Never give in – except to try to do God’s will. I dropped to my knees in prayer a couple of days ago – and with all that has happened to me, it wasn’t easy to get down – or up – but it felt so good again to humbly thank God for hope and that spark of life in me to tend to, to fulfill what I was put on this planet to do!

God bless YOU and all those in your circle of life. Find that “lone tomato” and tend to it!
All is well.

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2 Responses to “The Lone Tomato”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    I was away from my computer to see my two children who are in a near by city. When I came back, there were two posts from your kind brain, and your single handed typing, and the emergence of a beautiful lone tomato. I wished strongly that I should have that lone tomato in my heart, so that the reluctant brain should not forget to water my life, at least for that lone tomato. I should not lose courag. for such a great advise.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You send me love and blessings constantly, and you had better water that lone tomato! You cannnot loose courage! You have given me so much over these months and months! I need you, and I know those in your life need you as well. We know, as the days and years increase, so does the sorrow and need to be able to bounce back from an increased “load” of life’s challenges. We gain wisdom with age, and we are not allowed to, nor do we need to, loose courage. If it happens, then we must pray, trust, and use the power of God to regenerate…we must be examples for those younger and in need of positive reinforcement! Blessings and love to you!
    Upward and onward, my friend. Love and blessings to your family too!

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