Above the Clouds

Above the clouds my heart plateaus, and I reflect on this life, much of which, I squandered. For every right and wrong impacts me like a rapidly moving train.

As the miles skirt by, beyond the speed of my thoughts, I anticipate the return to the true vision of the life I have created beyond the ruins of another time and place.

There were alcohol induced sexual frenzies driven by the images of the media, and only thwarted by the mornings and the return of spirit.

The obsession and repetitive thought and images drove me towards alcohol and drugs, and the eventual weakening of my own tapestry, and they broke my line of defense. The line of demarcation I should never have crossed.

I felt anxious to be courageous again, yet with the reoccurring thoughts I needed the those things -the irresistible spirits of alcohol and drugs; alas they waved me towards darker places and my light and energy transformed in another kind of fear and darkness.

Chemical madness kept me enchanted and repelled.

With spirit and thought diminished and besmeared, there is no movement upward and onward.

Darkness subdues and restricts, but light revitalizes and frees by scattering the darkness. Thus, illuminating the surroundings, arousing those who sleep, and allowing humans to carry out their lives.

After, I could see the glimmer of hope, and feel the planting of regretful feet firmly on the ground. With spirit fully in tack and operational, hope enlarged and change came to fruition.

For my own dreams and visions, for my own beliefs and desires, not plied with darkness and its companions, I am able to see with clarity. I can read the eyes now, and smell the scent of evil. If there is no obvious sign of love, I move quickly away, and return to tbe strength of my own convictions.

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6 Responses to “Above the Clouds”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    Some bug program is staying in my computer and eating away most of the text I am typing. This is the third attempt that I am typing. Every time I type, most of the text matter erases. Not all the text, but excepting the first and some last lines. Meanwhile I have lost spontaniouty and just telling that the clouds concept is nice. Regards

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Perhaps you are supposed to walk away, take a breath, go hug somebody, or catch the blessings I am sending to you right now!
      I have had some of my best (modest, eh?) writing eaten by the bug monster…well, have to write better! Hug yourself for me! CREATE a great day and stretch and relax!

      • vhhp Says:

        Dear Marsha,
        Ha ha… Yes, it was my tension too which lead to confusion and added to the problem which was prevailing on my machine. Thank ugly for your affection. It was a previlage to have you as my friend.
        Today is a festival in India, which thanks women and the support they extend to the families. We treat women as goddesses. The name of the festival is VARALAKSHMI POOJA / VARALAKSHMI VRATAM. on this great day I pray for your blessings.

  2. vhhp Says:

    Oh sorry for mis typing (from my tab) I typed single U and the swipe keyboard typed it as ugly, which I overlooked. Please forgive me.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Now I can say haha…i couldn’t figure out “ugly” what it meant. I feel the same about our friendship. I will look up the festival and see what I can discover about it. I have never thought of being a goddess, but I am fortunate as my husband treats me with much respect and honors my Spirit. You have a wonderful day and I have caught your blessings – now catch mine via the air waves!

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      I did read about it and it sounds like a wonderful festival. I also try to honor my husband too, and my family – and I so praise God for His patience and love for His human sons and daughters.

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