Recalled Cheese / Mosquitoes

In case you haven’t heard, KRAFT SINGLES AMERICAN CHEESE (date 2/20, 2/21 2015) – is being recalled. I know this is something lots of kiddos like, so wanted to let you know ASAP.

Do you know what the biggest killer of man is each year? You are going to hate this (at least I do) – mosquitoes! 2.7 million deaths a year attributed to mosquito bites.

Please get out the “deet” or whatever you KNOW will keep them away, and protect the children and yourself!

Lastly for this short post – serious research has shown that employers do discriminate against people who have been unemployed long-term. They believe the talent and skills atrophy. If you are one of these people get that resume out, refresh it, and start hitting the pavement.

Among the long term unemployed there are higher numbers of depressed people, divorce rates are higher, and so are suicide rates!

Even if you have to take a position that is “less” than you have gotten in the past, just remember working is good for the Spirit, and any money earned is more honorable than money “taken” because of lack of effort.

God bless you and your loved ones. These are tough times around the world, and we need to love one another and practice peace (as best we can)!


“The bulk of the world’s knowledge is an imaginary construction.”

                        Helen Keller

“I wish I had time for eventually.”

                        A line from the new Batman

(Which, by the way, I really enjoyed. Lots of action and special effects – good diversion.)


CREATE each moment as in individual piece of artwork! Love vigorously. Laugh.



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