Dark River

Did you know I have an extremely talented twin brother?  I don’t think I have ever mentioned that, but I recently played his music, “The Twins”.  Check out their youtube video “The Twins”.

I was listening to one of his many songs (he and his very beautiful and talented wife, Lynn), sing and entertain together.

They have worried about our environment for years…they toured to entertain troops in Vietnam.  They toured the USA to teach children and actually everyone from kindergarten to the elderly, about love, family,  and how to protect the environment.  I ran across this song while listening to my itunes this morning. I thought I would share it – though written years ago, it is applicable to what is happening today.

Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of their pieces of music!  Have a beautiful day.

Hope you enjoy!

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One Response to “Dark River”

  1. amorisw Says:

    The good old days of the Earthwalkers 🙂 Thanks for sharing with your readers Marsha!

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