A bunch of naked ladies and a stitch in time.

A blunch of naked ladies

Sorry a bit fuzzy – but you get the idea.

Yes they flowers are called naked ladies!  Did I trick you?

They are called that because they have no leaves or branches – they simply grow flowers.  Cool, eh?


This is kind of sad.  stitchMy wrist had to have surgery because I broke it in 2011.  Sad because our medical folks are becoming careless.  Maybe they always were.

The last few weeks I noticed some pain and a strange ball in the area of the surgery.  It kept getting more painful and bigger. I asked my husband to take a needle and open it up.  Of course he did, and guess what…..it was a stitch the doctor had forgotten / or missed taking out. It was a little over a quarter inch.  It had been working it’s way to the surface!

My wrist feels fine now.  And that’s my post for the day!  Have a beautiful day – IT IS YOUR CHOICE!  God bless.

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3 Responses to “A bunch of naked ladies and a stitch in time.”

  1. Lesley Rothrock Says:

    Sweet work here….and i enjoyed Edison story….shared it with Paul..Busy week…..early am tomorrow? Text me when u find a day that works for SKYPE……I need to check out my android again.. Xxoo. Ttys

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