This seems to be a “non-hero” action by John McCain. A friend I trust sent me this.

I think our politicians and leaders are the only ones in the world who sell out their own Native people by selling our country out from all of us.  It does make me sick.  I love my country.

Katniss is real, and she is an Apache.11742702_840554335992441_9171768963361075980_n

While we were all looking the other way, sacred Apache land (that was also property of the American people as a whole) was sold to an Australian-British mining company that will soon have the rights to leave a 2-mile crater in the area. How did this happen? Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake slipped the deal in at the last minute at the bottom of a much-needed military defense spending bill. Apache have been camped out on the sacred site of Oak Flat ever since, and this young warrior, along with a handful of others, traveled to NYC all the way from Arizona to try to bring attention to her people’s plight.

Let’s help this story spread and let this real life rebel know that she is not alone, and that the American people won’t stand for this betrayal to us all.



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3 Responses to “This seems to be a “non-hero” action by John McCain. A friend I trust sent me this.”

  1. Kate Says:

    Yep. Every sodding, pathetic word is true. So freaking sad that Congress as a whole did not stop this!

  2. My Article Read (7-23-2015) | My Daily Musing Says:

    […] This seems to be a “non-hero” action by John McCain. A friend I trust sent me this. […]

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