When I first got our new puppy, at 9 weeks old, our five year old was very jealous. She still may be at times, but she also loves Axel, and worries when he isn’t with us…I know dogs aren’t supposed to think like us, but since I broke my back (and before) I have spent 24/7 with my Dakota and the puppy.  They have wonderful emotions and understanding English too!

Back to the photo.  Axel is now 8 months old and they are inseparable.  This is how the puppy got to Dakota…..I call the photo “Bonding”.  I love this shot of Dakota.  She was never a mommy but she is a tender spirit.bonding

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6 Responses to “PUPPY”

  1. katywalterswritesnews Says:

    Reblogged this on katywaltersreviews and commented:
    Just love this and so touching. Do get well soon.

  2. mimibarb Says:

    Katy – this would be a nice blog post for AB :-)))

  3. rambling kori Says:

    Feel better! I love reading about pets, this was the sweetest thing.

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