Do you think the day is loaded with problems and has more misery than happiness?

Do you think the day is loaded with problems and has more misery than happiness

Well, STOP IT!  I bet right at the moment I could make a list longer than any of you are tall, of “misery and pain, and downright sorrows” I had (many are still with me) in my life!

The thing is, we ALL ENDURE….being individuals, with different life scenarios, it would be impossible to compare who has the biggest trials!  Who wants to do that anyway?

The point I am yearning to share is this:  You know it is true.  We ALL have the CHOICE of how we respond to life – no matter what is happening!  NO ONE ELSE has that control over us!

Therein, YOU can CHOOSE to handle ANY CHALLENGE, (even if permanent, and I have some of those too), in ANY MANNER YOU CHOOSE!


That is NOT TO SAY I don’t still feel many emotions that are volatile, but when I feel overwhelmed, I stop for a moment, take a few mindful breaths to give myself needed oxygen, and flip from my emotions to a more stable intellectual look at the challenges.

It works.  You have to get into the habit of using this method of stress management, but it TRULY WORKS LIKE A DREAM!

I am also fortunate that I do believe in God.  That allows me to say prayers as many times a day as I want, and it also allows me to feel less stress, because if I TRULY have FAITH, I turn the problems over to God and then just continue on to do my best.

For those of you who say religion is a crutch, I can understand that thought.  I am more spiritual than religious, but my answer to that statement would be:  If I had a broken leg, I would probably depend on a crutch if it were needed.  We humans are often “broken”, so I find no problem with that analogy.

Now, back to the subject matter.  CHOOSE this weekend, this very moment, to begin to get into the habit of CHOOSING positive thoughts, CHOOSING to slow down and use your intellect instead of unstable emotions.  CHOOSE to stop and hug someone you love!

Now that is important stuff.

CREATE a beautiful weekend.  Radiate your light from within and don’t forget EVERYONE has a light, no matter how small it may seem right now.  ENLARGE YOUR LIGHT and you will DRAW HAPPINESS TOWARDS YOU!  It is just so much more fun!Image

I say, and with my heart, God bless you.  YOU CAN DO IT!

2 Responses to “Do you think the day is loaded with problems and has more misery than happiness?”

  1. katywalterswritesnews Says:

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    This was so inspiring. Thank you for taking the time, care and patience to write it out. God bless.

  2. gopikrishnanblog Says:

    Very nicely put! I’m glad you’re able to put down some common but important thoughts very effectively. Keep writing and also do read my articles, a few of them on similar thoughts. Stay happy!

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