The Road Ahead

My life is like a continually changing convergence of forms, a kaleidoscope of ever moving- breathing- me.   On the outside I have softened to a sweet and tender place.  Yet inside I am like the hard seed in a cherry or a plumb, unable and unwilling to succumb to being eaten by this world. God placed the seed and it is in my heart until my last breath. I choose to acknowledge it and with intellect allowed my feet to be directed to my futures.


I have never traveled on this road before.  Upward and onward. As I close my eyes, for a moment I feel the warmth of the sun on my back.  I’ve seen this road before…many times at dusk before the dark envelops the earth. Before I close my eyes to let my body regenerate and rest.

A dirt road as wide as a couple holding hands, and in view as far as the eye can see.  On each side of the road trees, the trees are all tall and green, and as thick as the thickest hedge in England.

The trees change but the road never does.  There have always been trees, and the sound of leaves bristling against one another when a murmur of a breeze makes its way between leaves.

I know there is sound, and yet I never hear it.  I hear only quiet and my bare feet shuffling the fine dirt on the road.

There is no end to the road, and the light is always before me. Sometimes it seems as if I am still and the road and trees are moving past me.  I have never been afraid here.

The road before me is changing, ever changing.

I have never traveled on this road before.  I notice the trees grow barren and leaves begin to fall and drift in the breeze.  As branches become visible and the leaves deep on the road I see how the branches twist and turn, always reaching for the light.

I shuffle my feet through the mounds of leaves built from wind plucking them from the trees and blowing just far enough for them to weave through each other and finally stack one upon the other.

I love the crackling of leaves as I march picking my legs high so I can come down on leaves and hear the rustle of them breaking into smaller and finer pieces.

The birds now silenced, have gone to another spring.  Everything is still and the quiet permeates me until from I hear the leaves behind me lift and drop with the spring of the dog that has always been with me.

I think angels come in different forms to protect and watch over us.  I felt the wet nose hit the back of my leg as my angel skidded from running to catch up, to a complete stop just behind me.  It was a butterfly that slowed his march with me, and a quick roll in the leaves, just for fun.

The warmth of the sun has diminished now but the brightness of it makes me lower my head just a bit.  It sits before me and once again the earth turns beneath my feet and the trees whisk behind me.  The ride increases in speed as I stand solidly hoping it slows for me, just a bit.  I love the road and looking far a head until it vanishes and there is just the vertical line I see.


It is evening.  Mountains lie before me, and a rainbow burst between the clouds and settles in my vision .  I am not afraid, but I am not ready to go further just quite yet.  I will settle in near the skeleton of the big old oak and my puppy curled tightly next to me.  The Son will come.  I know it.  I will be ready.

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