Single Working Mothers

Just a special Happy Mother’s Day for all you single working mothers raising children!

You NEVER get to rest!   I am so proud of my daughter as she has two children and is doing such an amazing job!

She rises early and gets breakfast for the kiddos and gets them ready for school.  She gets herself ready for a very difficult job – one she spent seven years in school to get.  She wanted to be sure to take care of her children if one day she found herself single, with children, and in need of providing everything!  That is thinking a head for no matter what is to come!

After a difficult day at work, commuting, and then picking up the children, she does whatever it is that needs to be done……shopping, writing bills and balancing the budget, cooking, cleaning, and just whatever needs her attention.

However, I am so proud of her because her first and most important job to her, is being a good mommy.  She always takes time to help her children with tasks, homework, or getting ready for bed.  She does gets involved with children’s organizations, school events, special things like sports, or extra help in areas that are needed.  She makes sure she talks to her children, LISTENS to her children, and tells her children she loves them – on a regular basis!

She is their best friend, their best everything, and she even allows them, after everything else, to jump in bed with her and cuddle.  Of course that is after reading them books, saying prayers and tucking them into their own beds!  Then at some point they manage to wiggle under her covers for a while.  img_1100.jpg

I have just given you a brief overview of her life….her children are her life, and they may never know the extent to which she goes to make sure she does the best for them humanly possible!  Of course Grandma will be sure to let them know if they ever give her any trouble!

Really this is a tribute to her – and more – a tribute to all you single working moms that never have too many people really sit down and think of all a single working woman must do to make the “family” work!

SO MOMS, be assured that there are many admirers out here in the world….they may never tell you in person, but they see you, appreciate what you are doing, and know that one day your children will be loving and wonderful human beings because of YOUR efforts.  YOUR JOB MAY NOT BE GLAMOROUS.  It certainly doesn’t pay you in cash to compensate for giving your lives for your children, BUT I PROMISE – they will know some day what you’ve done….and for sure, GOD IS WATCHING YOU, AND WITH A SMILE!


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you, and to all the women who are working towards building character and decent human beings for the future.  BRAVO!



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