Totally not what I was going to write!

If you aren’t old yet, listen up. This is serious business. I know, you are young and this is your time to party and kick back and do what you want to do. K. I get that. HOWEVER, time is like a huge dog hovering over you as you lay flat on your back…his teeth are white and pointed and his slobber is quickly lengthening to reach the cheek of your face, and then who knows where. Time slips by quickly. Blink and you are in the next decade, and then the next and the next…
If you are NOT mature and prepared to flow into changes (and who the hell is), you may be in for serious trouble. There are no golden years. I’d like to slap the bitch that authored that misnomer and drop her like sand on a sandwich all over the place.

No one will really have time to really care. No one will really understand, though they will try. If I slap you in the face will anyone else feel it? I think not. Try being injured and not recovering. Try being disabled. Try just being older and seeing what reactions you will get. No need in trying – it will happen soon enough.

Even those that love you won’t know what the F…to do. They try, it’s not that they don’t. I only can think it is in God’s plan to make to them, an older person, so irritable and dependent, that the family will feel good when they are released from the burden…you know, the person dies. For sure WAY before that person dies they will be tired and really ready to be relieved of the trauma of aging and disability.

Getting old is lonely and difficult. no matter how much they love you, it is “their time”, and you have to get that. It would just be easier if a person’s mind would age at the same time the body takes a dump!

It is a conundrum.
(look it up if you are not familiar with the word…it is) a good one.

Go to bed.  It is late here.  Get some sleep and wake up and stretch and breathe before you get up.  I’m serious.  Do it!  Seriously. I can’t write any more because I am better than exhausted me.  Night Night.

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