Human intelligence fluctuates with habits. We become what we hear, see, and are told.
“They” have to dumb us down for us to be fixated on what the advertisers are selling. The perfect face, the perfect body, perfect sex, the perfect home, the perfect toy, the perfect wardrobe, perfect furnishings and electronics, the perfect car, and so forth.

Really? Do we really need to buy because the money machine tells us to do so? Buy it all and then die young from the stress in trying to pay for everything. This is not a joke!
Stress kills.

Should we really think it is entertainment to go to the mall with our children and friends? Where is the hell did we get that idea? Oh, never mind, I know.

Black Friday – REALLY? Grey Thursday? Technological what day? Let me grab my wallet and go buy a bunch of prettily packaged up JUNK made IN CHINA. It will last long enough to get the next model of stuff out so our new purchases will be outdated.

We need to open our eyes. Get out of the “habit” of buying! Material things come and go. Love is forever.

Pretty simple.

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  1. happycasanovi Says:

    It is true that humans have developed their social living for eras using economic system to manage the demand and supply in this world and “money” is the most convenient trade we use in daily basis. We also was influenced by various kinds of tools and techniques the business marketing and advertising try to permeate in our life without notice. I strongly agree for your opinion as a good reminder for us to realize the truly true we now live with in this social media world.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Thank you so much for taking time to write such excellent thoughts. We certainly do need to be “aware” in this world in order to live as we choose and believe.
      Have a beautiful day!

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