Big Dogs are great

But for everyone’s sake….take the time and make the effort to train them!

big dogs are great....but for everyone's sake-please train them!.jpg

If you do, you will have a dog that takes care of business – “on command”, and one who simply says, “Don’t bother me I am watching America’s funniest videos!”

don't bother me.jpg

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One Response to “Big Dogs are great”

  1. Lesley Rothrock Says:

    I Agree….Train Your Dog..
    It is your responsibility as s dog owner!
    Love your dog? Train the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is an animal….that is a fact.
    Not just a baby….to play with, love and put on a shelf or in a box…THIS IS A REAL LIVE ANIMAL…& runs on instinct, not a battery!

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