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EV – D68 ( Virus) : Children

October 7, 2014

Here is the latest update on EV-D68 (virus) It has now been recognized in forty-states. Please be sure to watch your children closely. The first signs mimic the common cold – (sometimes fever, runny nose, sneezing and coughing).

EV-D68 has many strains. In the fifties and sixties, it was the cause of cases of POLIO, though, it only recently has become a problem associated with serious respiratory conditions – particularly with those with asthma and those prone to breathing issues.

The virus mimics the common cold initially. The cough can be intense, and it can cause difficulty in breathing. Many children have neck or back pain or pain in the arms and legs (muscle and body aches). Listen to your children – they probably won’t read “what the symptoms are!”

As recent as within the last week, some cases are causing paralysis!!

If your child is sick – keep him or her at home! The virus passes from person to person, with a cough, sneezes or even touching surfaces. Sneezes travel at over 65 miles per hour.

The best defense is to have children WASH his or her hands vigorously several times a day. Not the kind of washing that water passes over, a dribble of soap, rinse and done!

Wash clear up to the wrists, and thoroughly. This virus is not restricted to the USA. It is MANY places in the world, so please care for these blessed little ones.

Show your children how you want them to wash. Show them how to cover their mouths, with bent elbow, when they cough. Be vigilant. One child has died in the United States. He was four years old.

God bless you and God bless all the children!

I love to write – and I love your comments and feedback!

June 19, 2014

I believe we all have something important to say.  This life places lessons before us every single day, and to every single person.  Even if there have been days when you felt worthless – I am certain you have come this far in life and learned a few “life lessons”.

Two of the greatest lessons I have learned, thus far, are these:

1.  We must learn to forgive one another.  Every single one of us has made poor choices at least once in a lifetime.  I have made many mistakes, but what I really loved about learning to forgive is that when we do not forgive, it really only hurts our own character, and we head in a downward spiral by housing such feelings.

Just because you forgive someone does not mean you have to associate with them!  But it will do YOU a world of good to truly forgive someone.  Your load will be lighter from within, and you may be surprised at the results! (You may not – but you never know)

Once I forgave someone for a horrific thing they did to me, I actually felt better.  We all blow it at one time or another, and to forgive strengthens you, and makes your life better.  Honestly!

2.  Really, do not judge by a first glance.  I certainly don’t mean if you think you are in danger just ignore it.  A visual, and a gut-level feeling often does tell a tale.  But where we cannot judge is how a person is born.  No one has the choice of what they look like, or what color they are born.  Think about it.  We are all guilty of seeing someone we “think” is ugly, or fat, or skinny, or DIFFERENT.

No one knows a person’s history either, or how they wound up rich or poor or whatever circumstance they may live their lives in.  Don’t look at all the magazines and be one of the empty-headed followers that “see” what big brother tells us (as consumers) is good.

We have been fed lies for so long sometimes we act just like a bunch of mindless human beings.  I love not judging a person by first sight.  I admit it isn’t always easy – old habits die hard…but I have certainly learned that many of those “judgements” I made quickly were just garbage.

So why am I sharing this on this post?  It is because I think I was given a gift by learning these two things in life.  I am sure each of you can think of at least one or two things that you have learned that have been extremely important in giving YOU peace and happiness.

Please feel free to share in comments if you like.  I think we should all be heard – at least once!  Have a BEAUTIFUL morning, afternoon, or evening…as it may be in your part of the world.



Who is Carl Atman?

June 13, 2014

Have you ever had a feeling that you have known a person before, or been to a place that you have never seen before?  Many of us have had those experiences….whether you believe in the possibility of reincarnation or not, this book will definitely hold your attention throughout!

I am a Christian, but I do not dismiss the fact that I am only finite, and do not know all the workings of God.  My faith is strong, but I read the book because I was told it was a love story – and I know and trust the author – I was not disappointed.

So whether you believe in reincarnation, or have different beliefs, or don’t believe in anything at all, this story will hold your attention, chapter to chapter.  It is worth a read, and perhaps it will answer the question for you: Do you believe in reincarnation of not?

Whatever reason you get the book, plan on getting involved and dismiss your stress for a time!  Rest and Regeneration – it is GREAT for all of us!

I actually am old school about some things.   I got the book to take with me to read while sitting under a big old tree.  It was VERY relaxing.  I actually put in a bookmark and closed my eyes for a few.

Enjoy your weekend and insist on some good old fashioned R&R – You are worth it!

Carl use


Authored by Morris Walker 
Illustrated by Skye Walker 

Each soul’s journey through life on planet earth is an ultimate adventure.


Morris says he was compelled to write this book. He was certain many people would enjoy the adventures in time.  It is a journey for many recalling times in their lives they were stirred by an old feeling, or a memory of knowing a place or person, some time in their “past”.


THE LIVES OF CARL ATMAN will stir those feelings from within and perhaps bring to mind a love story over the eons of time that manifests in your memory.


The greater picture of the billions of lives and these stories are a cosmic phenomenon we can never comprehend in this life. But along with our God-given intuition and creative power, we can imagine. And in all our lives, we learn at one point or another that there is inner guidance available for us if we merely tune in.


Reincarnation.  Fact?  Or is this just a wonderful love story that spans centuries? You will know for yourself once you read:


The Lives of Carl Atman 

Authored by Morris Walker 
Illustrated by Skye Walker

”My hope above all else, I hope that you enjoy the journey.”

            Morris Walker

Now available:  Go to and buy it in paperback and or kindle for $3.99


Blackstone Audio Books also has the audio version in CD and also under




May 2, 2014

Just a quick Thursday good morning, afternoon or evening to you . The days are flying by and I have been trying to complete six books before it’s time to die. No one knows when that will happen and I have spent most of my life writing so I determined sometime after my accident no one will finish what it’s taken me years to write – except me!

Believe it or not they are mostly written – the most difficult part is proofing, making covers and getting everything just right to be put on Amazon. I had a contract with a publishing company for one of my books – the one on how to care for an aging parent – but they sat on it for seven years and I am blessed those years just finished.

I have reconciled, to accept my disabilities as permanent-only because of my faith in God, and my tenacious drive for life, can I do this.  It was a year ago today I was in surgery with a great neurosurgeon (thank you Lord) and getting my back fixed after a burst compression fracture.  I could be completely paralyzed, or dead!

To accept my disabilities as permanent is difficult, but not impossible. Such is life. It isn’t always what we expect, but I expect the best, and perhaps my vision will be clearer now that I am unable to dance all over the place! I can walk (it’s not a very pretty walk), and I have to use a can, and I can write. I can dance in a way, and surely in my head.

I am a stubborn little woman, and my husband still says, after 26 years, a hand full.

So the books will be done within this year. That is my determination. This is what they are:

  1. Lessons in Love – about taking care of a parent, giving them happiness until they die, and not going crazy or getting exhausted in the process. It’s kind of a love story about me caring for my mama for ten years – and we both gained from it!

I am exhausted tonight so I will ignore any typos (sorry!)

2.Whiskeyton. Has nothing to do with Whiskey! This photography- views of a lake and the surrounding mountains from a kayak. Took me from 2004-20011 to get all the photographs, and there will be inspiration (I hope) with each photo, and a Bible verse below. I think, whether you believe in the Bible or not, it is a great book for training in life. It will be for children and adults.

3. The Last Resort – Photographs (again), a  view of the homeless in my area, and of course some interviews and thoughts on the scenario.

4.  Toll 63 – a very interesting book about the lives of an oilman in the early days, a disabled and vibrant young woman, and what transpires when they join forces.  It progresses and follows the life of one of their twins.  The time spans from 1916 to this very day!  I love it so far – do you think I am predjudice?

4.  The Best Bedtime Stories. Positive and fun, the stories are done and I am just waiting for the illustrations.

5.  Poetry, Prose and Private Property.  This book could spares no details and touches every aspect of being human!

I am not trying to brag, there are so many unbelievable authors, but I feel good about my work.  I feel like it is from the heart, experience, and always with a positive overtone – no matter how difficult the experience.

Therein is why my posts have been thin in nature.

I am not trying to brag, but I am not a “salesperson” and if I don’t know the quality of my own “products” I should not sell!  I do think God gives each of us a gift and I am working hard at using it!

Well, that’s it for now. Just an update as to where I have been. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – don’t waste a second of your precious life in anger, fear, or hate. It is NOT WORTH IT as you truly will be the one who pays the big price.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I love you for reading! I love you for being my brother and sister human beings! God bless you and your families. I mean it sincerely!

Third time is a charm

February 10, 2014

I do not know why but today I am having trouble posting.  So I will practice my patience and stick with it.

Yahoo, I have a few minutes to write a bit again.  I have been doing my exercises two times a day (no one ever gets better by “thinking” about doing exercises), so I am highly motivated!

I hope you are “CREATING” a beautiful day.  Remember, no matter what happens to you, you always have one hundred percent control over your RESPONSE!  Take a breath before you speak, and remember YOU ARE in charge of your response to ANY scenario.

Never let life drag you to a pit – at least, if you wind up in the pit, start the ladder upward by being in charge of you!  Trust me, I have been to hell and back (more than once), and when I finally realized I was “in charge” my life began to change.

If someone flipped me off, I just said a prayer for him/or her, because they probably needed it.  I kept my happy feeling, and in turn, my day was not diminished!  No matter what happens….YOU are the most important boss in your life.

I tried being miserable.  It sucked, so I literally gave it up!  If I have a pity party or am down, I allow myself those emotions, then I switch from emotion to intellect, and move onward and upward.

I know you can change your life just by being the kind of “boss of you”, that you would be for someone else.  You are a very important person!  You are a one of a kind.  Now hug yourself and smile!  All is not lost!

Here is a fact that we all should know:  if you have just one latte a day, in three hundred and sixty five days, you will have eaten thirty-nine pounds of sugar!  Use moderation and you can still enjoy the things you like.

Will close this post now with a reminder, you REALLY can turn your life around just by the CHOICES you make in response to life’s mountain that challenge us all.  Take a breath, and God bless you!

Movie Trivia

July 1, 2013

Here is a stinger for all of you who consider themselves true “movie buffs”.  Let’s see if you can get this one. 

This quote came from a movie that was very famous.  I’ve seen it 10+ times and I never get sick of it because I see something new each time.

It was first seen in 1980.  That’s all you get. 

The quote is “You’ve got to keep regular if you want to be happy.”

My bet is no one gets this.  It’s difficult!

Cough it up! Let’s See a Smile

May 28, 2013

Hey, if I can do it, you can.  Been out and about for a month (emergency room, hospitals, etc.)so I haven’t been writing regularly.  Hope to do so now.  Since I have to learn to walk all over again, I think I may have time to plunk the keys of the computer a bit more regularly.

I hope you all are remembering that there is no guarantee in life.  Just when you think everything is perfect (or a big mess) – everything changes.  Be grateful for all the big and little moments that are wonderful!  Evaluate what is really worth getting upset, fearful or angry about, and then toss them in the trash can – mostly!  CHOOSE happiness.  I am going to even though my wonderful little life has turned totally upside down.  I get to create a new life.

I also am not just forgetting that my disabilities right now affect others too – my husband, my family, etc.  I will forge ahead and work to create this new life into a positive and loving one.

Hug someone right now.  Jump up and down for me.  I will think of you all and prayers will be coming your way.  If you would say a prayer or two for me, I will feel it, and thank you now.

God bless you and all your loved ones and families and friends!  More soon.

In Praise of God and my Husband

May 19, 2013


I will always praise God for all the days of my life.  I can never be humble enough, thankful enough, or even be able to say how much I love Him.

When Michael, my husband, pushed my wheelchair back to my hospital room today, I began to think of the suffering he has endured since my emergency fiasco.  He was with me from the beginning and has been with me as much as possible to this day.

When I thought my schedule was grueling, I began to think of Michael’s since the day I was admitted to the hospital.  He is a heavy equipment mechanic and shop boss for a local company.  He saw me in horrific pain and was unable to take it away.  He told me he broke down once, and he rarely does that.

His work is backbreaking and diverse.  He awakes at 5AM and lets the dog out and then washes his face, shaves, etc.  When the dog has done her business he prepares her food and gets that task done.

Before he can leave he gathers all the items I have asked him to bring to me in the evening.  He also usually has a load of cleanly washed clothes to fetch and fold.

The job is ten miles from home.  Michael’s talents are not simply heavy equipment repair, but a myriad of other “body taxing” jobs throughout the day.  The day is usually twelve hours, give or take a few minutes.

Of course he has already called at noon to check in on me and see how I am doing for the day.  After work he drives the ten miles and then another five or six miles to the hospital.

I light up when he comes in the door and though I tell him “Don’t come over tonight”, he knows it is the highlight of my day.  He usually brings thoughtful and useful things to keep my spirit up.  Whatever I ask him to bring he also packs and delivers the items.

As the weekdays pass Michael begins to look exhausted.  I can tell the days his back is just killing him.  But still he comes every night, faithfully.

He stays until I have to say, “Go home honey.  You still have to take care of the dog, shower, and get ready for tomorrow. “ He’s been grabbing junk food every night since this happened. It’s usually cold by the time he eats it.

On the weekends he does all the household chores, manicures the lawns and trims the trees.  He does much more.

Today he brought “normalcy” to my seemingly endless hospital routines.

He pushed me in the wheelchair to a small refuge called “Angel’s Camp”.

The small park is big enough for one picnic table and two benches.  It

Is surrounded by green trees and bushes – tall and small.  It has a creek

still running hard from recent rains.

He also brought my dog and let me visit with her.  She’s my baby and I loved seeing her.  In a picnic box he brought water, pop, oranges, dog treats (so I could feed her), and fresh strawberries all ready to eat.

My family was on an outing and the dismal feelings I had last night dissipated into oblivion.  My dog knows I am injured.  She was polite and loving and laid next to me for a time.  When it was time to leave, just before he was going to put her in the car, she ran over for a last love and buried her face on my legs while I pet her again.

I told Michael he didn’t have to come by tonight as this had been wonderful.

He said, “I love you.  I’ll see you tonight, and remember-whatever the results of this hard time it is our lives now and we will make it together.”

I can never praise him enough for his steadfast love for me.  He’s seen me in

the most dire of circumstances, and hasn’t blinked an eye.  “I love your heart and your mind” he’ll remind me, “and those things never change.”


Today is a good day

May 18, 2013

I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy; for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities.

Have mercy upon me, o Lord, for I am in trouble: mine eye is consumed with grief, yea, my soul and my belly.

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31: 7,9, 24

Today is a good day.  I can see and read.  I can speak.  I can communicate via the internet and the cell phone.  I can wash my face with a warm wash cloth, and I am nourished with fresh fruit and juice and water.

hi all!

Today I will keep the faith I profess by leaning on the Lord with my anxious thoughts and deep desire to heal.  I will then show Him I trust Him by leaving anxiety, fear and tear- blow them into a balloon, float the balloon high in the air and then leave it there for another time.

If feel I must become most  human and need to have a moment of unbridled emotion.….but one that is  reasonable, I will pull the balloon towards me. Then I will release those emotions.  I can let them fly out my fingertips and into oblivion, and slowly loosen the string to fly the balloon high above me.

I will not spend my moments weary and weeping.  I will trust in the Lord, and my balloon will ultimately diminish in size and my faith will broaden my thoughts onward and upward.

Today is a good day.

Please Read This NOW.

May 16, 2013

I am living proof that you should enjoy your life moment by moment.

Never waste a moment when you can say, “I love you.

Never pass the opportunity by to hug someone you love.  Hug that person

close to you. Remember how wonderful it is that they are a part of your life.

Be grateful for small miracles we often take for granted.

Each moment is an opportunity to begin again, no matter what may seem impossible.  We are given life, and it is a wonderful gift.

Don’t diminish your spirit by dousing yourself with man’s enemies –

alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, hatred, vanity, and over-indulgence of anything that can harm you.

Time and circumstance happens to all men.

We have no real control over our lives, though we like to think we do.

The ONLY thing we have control of one hundred percent of the time, is our response to circumstances that come to us.

One moment I was thanking God for the blue sky, stars, my husband, the health of my children and grandchildren, and within a moment my life has changed forever.  I thank God all those awesome things I was thanking Him for have not changed.

I am working hard to recover from something I NEVER thought would happen to me.  For those of you who are following this blog, I will expound tomorrow, but for now I must rest.

God bless you and your loved ones.  God bless us all.  Now go hug someone or tell them you love them!